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Hidden Sugar Bombs: These Drinks Should Be Avoided When Losing Weight

A healthy diet doesn’t stop with drinks. However, many of them are unexpected calorie bombs and can prevent weight loss. You shouldn’t drink these six drinks if you are trying to lose weight.

It looks seductive if you pay attention to your line, but some things should be avoided, for example, the daily vanilla caramel latte with extra cream.

There is no question that the coffee drink messes up the calorie balance. If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to the food and healthy and low-calorie beverages. 

You should therefore save yourself these six-calorie bombs.


It would help if you kept your hands off cola and co. – especially if you want to lose weight. The sugary drinks are low in nutritional value but have plenty of empty calories. 

Caution is also advised when it is warm because high temperatures increase the feeling of thirst. You should then absolutely resist a large bottle of lemonade because lemonades are poorly suited as thirst quenchers.

It doesn’t look any better with the sugar-free variants: Although lower-calorie sweeteners replace the sugar, these can increase the feeling of hunger, as a  study found. As a result, you still take in the saved calories.

Fruit Cocktails

Fruit juices plus alcohol: this is not a good combination for losing weight. The fructose and the carbohydrates from liqueurs and Co. quickly move to the hips – especially since it is often not just a cocktail.

Some cocktails can even keep up with soft drinks with their calories. It would help if you grabbed an occasional glass of wine instead. Red wine, in particular, can – in moderation – even help you lose weight.

Sugary Coffee Drinks 

A little cream or syrup in your coffee? No, thank you! Unfortunately, what looks excellent as a caramel macchiato photo for Instagram often looks bad on the scales. 

You don’t have to go without coffee; on the contrary: black coffee can even help you lose weight.

Iced Tea 

Especially in summer, a tangy iced tea seduces as a pleasant cool down. However, packaged iced teas often contain over 20 grams of sugar.

You can make a low-calorie variant yourself with cold fruit tea and a splash of lemon and drink it in a thermos bottle on the go.

Sports Drinks 

Sports drinks are essential for competitive athletes to absorb enough electrolytes, carbohydrates, and fluids.

However, this is not necessary for an average athlete. Since there is often added sugar in fitness drinks, water is the better solution before, during, and after training.


Some finished smoothies from the supermarket contain added sugar and fructose, which is why they are only suitable to a limited extent as part of a healthy diet.

It is, therefore, better to make smoothies yourself from your favorite fruit.

This also has the advantage of adding vegetables – and thus lowering the sugar content even further because the fructose also makes self-made smoothies a sugar trap.


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