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Health Write For Us: Are you a passionate writer? Are you in search of a website to post your well-researched content? Do you like to share your knowledge and experience on health-related topics with the world? Are you a health care expert or nutritionist, or blog writer? Then we feel delighted to welcome you aboard to share your articles on health and wellness to our global audience through our esteemed website Diet Health Info.

Diet Health Info is an international website visited by people worldwide to get the correct information on various topics related to health, diet, nutrition, fitness, fashion, beauty, DIYs, treatments, and many more. We will be obliged to accept your genuine articles that add value to our blog. Your passion for writing is highly honored on our website. We aim to educate, impart knowledge, and provide helpful advice to our precious readers through your original and well-illustrated posts.

The sole purpose of our website is to provide factual content, advancements, and developments in the health industry and to bring social awareness among the people. We hope our readers benefit from our website’s innovative and versatile blog posts. At the same time, we would like to provide a reputed platform to our guest authors to expand the boundaries of their expertise.

You can send your article through an email to our official email id contactdiethealthinfo@gmail.com

Key Requirements For Health Write For Us

Word count: Construct the article with a minimum of 800 words. The article must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You can use the help of tools like ‘Grammarly’ to avoid errors and make corrections. The maximum number of words depends upon the topic you choose to address.

Titles and Subtitles: It is always wise to use search engine optimized titles and subtitles for better rankings. The titles and subtitles must be meaningful, depicting the content written below them. They must be attractive so that the readers get interested to read them.

Content: The content must be meaningful, genuine, well-researched, and plagiarism-free. We do not accept copied content from other websites. Google penalizes such websites. The content must be easily comprehended by the readers. Prepare the post considering all the facts and research available on it.

Images: Include copyright-free images that are of good quality. A minimum of one HD-quality image is necessary. Content with related images enhances the grasp of the topic.

Author Bio: Create an author bio in 100 to 150 words and include it at the end of the post. You can also add a backlink to the bio. The backlink must be genuine.

Authors Should Not Consider The Following

  • Do not create articles irrelevant to our website as we do not publish them.
  • Do not include spammy or bad links. We do not accept affiliate or promotional links.
  • Do not use controversial or anti-social content in the article.
  • Plagiarized content is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not use uncanny or unwanted information.

So, if you are interested and believe that you can contribute eminent articles to our website, we fondly accept your articles. You can email the articles to our official email id contactdiethealthinfo@gmail.com in the form of a word document or Google document.

Topics On Health and Wellness – Write For Us

Health is wealth‘, is an old proverb yet is very true to this day. Our happiness lies in our health and well-being. So, we take utmost care to stay healthy and gain the required knowledge on various topics related to health. Topics you may consider writing on health and wellness.

  • Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Health condition in demographic groups
  • Eye disease, vision health, and blindness
  • Bioethics
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Organ donations and transplantations
  • Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Reproductive and sexual health
  • Improving care for older people
  • Ensuring healthy mothers and babies
  • Social determinants of health
  • Genetics and birth disorders
  • Personal health issues
  • Chronic non-communicable diseases
  • Deafness and other communication disorders
  • Mental health and behavior

Topics On Fitness – Write For Us

Staying fit boosts our spirits and gives confidence and rejuvenation to our lives. We not only achieve a sturdy body and also a peaceful mind. Staying fit is the secret of a prosperous lifestyle. Topics you may consider writing on fitness are hereunder.

  • General fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Weight loss and training
  • Diet
  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Body composition
  • Home workouts
  • Circuit training
  • Cross fit
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Endurance
  • Fitness tips for beginners
  • Weight loss products and reviews
  • Food and Lifestyle

Topics On Fashion And Beauty – Write For Us

The looks and fashion sense of a person emit their personality. They give unique attraction and confidence to a person. Everyone desires to look beautiful and enhance their complexion by using homemade remedies. Fashion and beauty give elegance and assurance to anyone. Topics you may consider writing on Fashion and Beauty.

  • Makeup
  • Cosmetics
  • Men’s and women’s fashion
  • Beauty tips
  • Hair and skincare
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Hairstyles and makeover
  • Beauty treatments and therapies
  • Cosmetic products and reviews
  • Clothing and accessories

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Words Are Needed To Create An Article?

Create an article with a minimum of 800 to 1000 words. You can use more than them based on the topic you are writing about.

Mention A Few Topics On Which The Articles Are To Be Written?

You can write on topics such as health and wellness, fitness and beauty, aerobics, DIYs, homemade remedies, yoga, Chronic diseases, social behavior, nutrition, skin and body care, treatments, therapies, and many others.

How Many Backlinks Can We Insert To The Post?

You can include two backlinks in the article. One in the middle and the other in the author bio. Check the links before you attach them, whether they are good or not.

Do You Make Changes To My Article?

As you send the article to us, we will forward it to our editorial team and check whether the article meets our standards. If any slight changes need to be made, we will do them at our end. If not, we will reach out to you to make any further transformations.

How Long Does My Article Stay On Your Blog?

After publishing the article on our website, it stays with us forever or as long as it is not published on other sites. If we find it is published on another website with the same article, we will remove it right away from our website.

How To Submit My Article?

You can send your article through an email to our official email id contactdiethealthinfo@gmail.com either as a word document or a Google document. After reviewing your article, we will publish it within seven working days and inform you through email.

Would There Be An Opportunity To Become A Regular Contributor On Your Website?

Yes, suppose you have the passion for contributing articles regularly to our website. In that case, we gladly recruit you like our content writer.

Do You Accept Infographics?

Yes, we accept content with meaningful infographics that are impactful and neatly designed. The infographics must be original.

How Would I Get Benefitted From Contributing A Guest Post To Your Blog?

People worldwide read your articles, and you will get international exposure as our website is a global platform that encourages the diligent and industrious work of passionate writers. We both gain mutual benefit from publishing your article on our website.

Please feel free to share your suggestions, comments, impressions, and advice on our website and articles to our email id. We will surely reply to you as early as possible.