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12 Habits To Lose Weight 100% Permanently With Great Results

To avoid gaining weight again – after losing weight – I would like to present you with 12 valuable tips in this article that will help you lose weight permanently and lose fat.

Tips To Lose Weight Permanently

Tip #1: Intervallfasten

Do you want to lose weight long-term? Then interval fasting (also known as intermittent fasting) is the perfect tool for you! In intermittent fasting, comparatively short periods of fasting and eating alternate.

When you do intermittent fasting, you only get all the food your body needs during a specific time window.

Tip #2: Keep Exercising

Chances are you’ve recently been doing strenuous physical activity to lose weight. So why would you stop now?

Once you have reached your desired weight, you should maintain your sporty lifestyle.

Tip #3: Stay Slim Together

Everyone probably knows the saying, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” This also applies when it comes to health.

The people you surround yourself with influence you. If someone opens a bag of chips next to you every night, it certainly doesn’t get any easier to stick to your diet.

Tip #4: Skip Breakfast Regularly

If we look at our life today, breakfast is almost indispensable.

But it doesn’t matter that much whether you eat breakfast or not. The idea can probably scare you a little if you’re used to sitting at the breakfast table every morning.

Tip #5: Keep Your Appetite Under Control

Millions of people are following some diet hoping to lose weight or improve their health.

But I can assure you that most people will eventually fall back to their old weight.

The reasons for this are very different. One of the reasons is saturation. The foods we eat have a wide range of effects on our feeling of hunger.

Tip #6: Keep Track Of Your Weight 

It is essential to analyze your current diet, especially when you have just started eating a healthy and varied diet.

Most people are entirely unaware of what they put in their mouths daily.

Tip #7: Stop Or Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Everyone knows that heavy drinking is not suitable for the body.

Besides the fact that alcohol naturally contains many ’empty’ calories that make you fat, it also hurts the liver.

The liver is the organ that converts glucose into fat. But when the liver can’t process alcohol properly, fat will build up in the liver. It will become inflamed, and scar tissue will form.

Tip #8: Learn To Manage Stress

You are more likely to develop weight problems if exposed to a lot of stress.

Persistent stress increases cortisol levels. Cortisol is an anti-stress hormone released in response to stress. Chronic stress has been linked to excess belly fat, increased appetite, and, therefore, more food intake (head).

Tip #9: Drink Green Smoothies

Drinking green smoothies is always a good decision.

A smoothie is always a good alternative if you don’t have enough time to eat enough vegetables and fruit. You can make it ahead of time and drink it later at work as a healthy snack.

Tip #10: Drink Enough Water

A healthy body needs to be hydrated. Drinking enough water plays a vital role in keeping your appetite under control.

Water helps fill the stomach, so drink two glasses of water before each meal. You will find that you will automatically put less on your plate.

Tip #11: Eat More Fiber

If you want to keep the pounds off in a healthy way, it is essential to eat enough fiber.

Dietary fiber promotes digestion, which means that the body can, for example, also remove toxins more quickly. And the fewer unhealthy substances in the body, the better it will be able to function.

In particular, you should eat low-starch vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, artichokes, etc. These vegetables are high in fiber and relatively low in calories and carbohydrates.

Tip #12: Use Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber from the root of a plant called konjac. This plant grows in the warm subtropics of Southeast Asia.

In many Western countries, glucomannan has recently gained notoriety for supporting weight loss on low-calorie diets.


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