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Preparing Your Skin For The Summer: All The Advice From The Cosmetologist

As the summer period approaches, it is necessary to take extra precautions for skin care: in summer, in fact, sweating increases due to the rise in temperatures, and consequently, the accumulation of sebum is greater, but above all, it becomes even more essential to protect yourself from the sun, given the frequent exposure to UV rays. Here are some valuable tips from Beatrice Marini, a cosmetologist, trichologist technician.

What Are The Assets To Prefer And Exclude During The Summer, And Why?

In summer, the skin certainly needs greater consistency, and our skincare can be slightly adapted and modified according to specific needs. The essential product is sunscreen, which is to be used every day and reapplied consistently throughout the day. Green light is used for hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (excellent in the serum formulation), soothing agents such as gotu kola, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, glutathione, and resveratrol.

Given exposure to the sun, photosensitizing ingredients such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, and retinol should be excluded. The latter should be excluded, especially if it has not been introduced in the previous months or if a specialist has not been following you in managing your skincare routine.

Is It Advisable To Exfoliate Your Skin In Summer?

Absolutely, yes, with little attention. In summer, we sweat more, we have a more excellent production of sebum, which is more fluid, and the pores are more dilated; we also have greater exposure to atmospheric agents, smog, and dust. We, therefore, prefer light exfoliators, enzymatic or with salicylic and mandelic acid as needed—an absolute no, however, to mechanical scrubs, as they sensitize the skin barrier.

Can You Give Us Some Advice To Lighten Your Summer Skincare Routine Without Losing Hydration, Also Based On Your Skin Type?

It is certainly possible to eliminate the moisturizing cream step in the morning, replacing it directly with sunscreen. For example, for dry skin, it is OK to use serum with hyaluronic acid and SPF; for oily skin, serum with vitamin C and SPF alone may be delicate. Generally, it is better to prefer light and easily absorbed textures, perhaps opting for a thicker face cream only in the evening.

What Type Of Detergent Is Advisable To Use In Summer And Why?

In summer, it is OK to use the same detergent we usually use, making sure it is not too aggressive. However, let’s use it a maximum of two times a day without giving in to the temptation to wash our faces several times during the day due to sweat. It is essential not to cleanse with aggressive products to avoid weakening the skin barrier. Vaporizing thermal water during the day is fine as needed.

Is It True That Skin Develops Imperfections More Quickly In Summer? What Can Be Done To Contain This Phenomenon?

In summer, the sebum is more fluid, and the pores are more dilated, making them more likely to become clogged. What to do, then? Always use SPF, as UV and UVA rays worsen imperfections; this phenomenon can appear primarily at the end of the summer period. We, therefore, prefer hydrating but not very emollient active ingredients and not products with a greasy or oily phase so as not to over-layer them with SPF. Furthermore, in the evening, double cleansing is practical to make sure you have removed every trace of sunscreen.

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