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3 Reasons To Take Carbohydrates In The Evening For Dinner

There are three main reasons why you can also take carbohydrates for dinner:

  1. Sugars easily cause drowsiness and increase, after an initial period, the activity of the parasympathetic system. Therefore if you want to keep yourself awake and active, it is better to limit them during working hours ;
  2. an evening intake of carbohydrates is related to a better secretion of leptin during the day, a hormone crucial for weight loss;
  3. release serotonin: a precursor of melatonin essential for good sleep. In reality, carbohydrates do not produce serotonin, but by stimulating insulin, they increase the cellular uptake of amino acids. Tryptophan (precursor of serotonin) is not subject to it. Therefore the blood levels of this amino acid remain high and pass the blood-brain barrier more easily (not finding other antagonistic amino acids), where it will be converted into serotonin. This event also decreases appetite (in the short term), resulting in a better sense of satiety, a factor that should be considered.

How Many Calories Should You Eat In The Evening?

The quantity of carbohydrates should be calculated in 24 hours or the week. To have some parameters, in the evening, you can condense, if you train in the late afternoon, 60-65% of the daily carbohydrates; on the contrary, if you train during lunchtime, you can take around 35-40%. In any case, if you want good insulin stimulation, which facilitates the production of serotonin, it is recommended to take at least 80-100g of carbohydrates at dinner.

There needs to be a precise caloric amount to take for each meal. It depends once again on subjectivity. Usually, especially if on a low-calorie diet, in addition to breakfast, two more substantial meals (lunch and dinner) and two snacks to quench hunger are recommended. A too-caloric and great dinner can affect sleep if the meal is eaten shortly before sleep since digestion takes time.

So When To Eat Carbohydrates? Conclusions

You will now understand that you can eat carbohydrates well, even for dinner, and that no dinner makes you lose or gain weight! You do not gain or lose weight more depending on the distribution of meals during the day: before the “when,” there are always the “how many” carbohydrates which regulate body composition for any nutrient.

Whole-Grain Carbs At Dinner

While you’re shopping, your eye falls on products that boast a well-written “whole meal,” “organic,” ” gluten-free, “or ” light” label on the packaging. You buy them: they are healthier and make you lose weight more than the equivalents without these magnetic properties. Whole grains are certainly “better” than refined ones because they provide more fiber and micronutrients (mineral salts, vitamins). It is equally true, however, that if you already eat enough fiber and micronutrients and don’t like whole meal pasta, you can eat refined pasta without any problems. 

Those who buy whole meal are usually considered “healthier” because it is an indication of a healthy lifestyle: they are not “healthier” because they eat whole meal cereals, but because they make a series of choices (whole meal included) that make them ” healthier.” Always be careful: a product is truly whole meal when it contains at least 7 g of fiber and at least 2 g of fat per 100 g of food. In conclusion, when you decide which food to make, you must know there is never a 100% winning solution! Therefore, we must start with the person, from his individuality, from his habits and needs.

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