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3 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight On Your Plant-Based Diet

We will show you why you might be gaining weight despite following a plant-based diet. All these errors can be fixed.

Some people start a diet of this style to lose weight. However, they suffer the opposite effect.

This phenomenon has an explanation that we will comment on so that you can later adjust your diet and thus achieve your goal.

Why Are You Gaining Weight?

Here are the top reasons you’re gaining weight on a plant-based diet. The problem appears by minor errors that accumulate. The reason is not only in food but also in lifestyle.

You Eat Too Many Calories

A hypercaloric frame can also be generated from a plant-based diet that promotes weight gain. And it is that if more calories are consumed than expended daily, the subcutaneous adipose tissue will accumulate. For this reason, it is advisable to adjust the energy balance.

Remember that this type of diet usually contains a multitude of sauces in its spectrum to improve the organoleptic characteristics of the dishes. These condiments are made of lipids, so they have a high energy content.

Not only should sauces be consumed in moderation, but industrial-type sauces should be avoided. They can concentrate trans fatty acids inside them, elements shown to favor inflammation and the development of metabolic pathologies.

You Include Too Many Processed Foods

The plant-based diet often includes processed foods that act as meat substitutes. But they are not always of good quality. They can provide sugars and a series of artificial additives that negatively impact the microbiota.

When it comes to ensuring a good protein intake, combining different types of natural and fresh plant foods is better than resorting to meat substitutes. You can find some good quality ones, but you must read the labels carefully.

You Don’t Strength-Train

Modifying and optimizing your diet is good when the goal is good health and improvements in body composition. However, this is not enough.

You must maintain a series of habits over time to achieve visible results. Practicing physical exercise is essential.

For many years, there has been speculation about increasing cardio training to burn fat efficiently. However, today, we know it is better to prioritize strength with some type of aerobic effort.

Don’t Overlook The Reasons You’re Gaining Weight On A Plant-Based Diet

You are gaining weight despite following a plant-based diet for several reasons. Keep in mind that maintaining a good state of body composition is critical.

It is often not enough with diet and exercise. The problem may be more complex than it seems. For example, changes in the gut microbiota that affect digestion. Consult a nutrition professional if in doubt.

How Is The Vegetable Paradox Diet Structured?

The vegetable paradox diet prioritizes the intake of red meat, poultry, and fish, foods with resistant starches, dairy products, and some vegetables. This last group contains asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, and green leafy vegetables. What should be restricted entirely are legumes.

Another food group that should be excluded from this approach is sprouted grains. Also, fruits and cereals or foods containing starch and even certain derivatives of cow’s milk. Even so, these last products may be necessary to satisfy protein needs throughout the day, so eliminating them is not always advisable.

Lose Weight With The Vegetable Paradox Diet

The vegetable paradox diet can be used to lose weight if good lifestyle habits accompany it. After all, to improve the state of body composition, simply ensure that protein needs are met, generating an energy deficit and promoting physical exercise. These are the three key points that will most likely allow you to succeed.

Additionally, this meal plan does not include processed foods or high-sugar foods like cereal. These are often present in many people’s diets and can limit results.

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