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Artificial Sweeteners: 3 Reasons To Avoid Them

Known primarily as a lower-calorie way of consuming something sweet but with fewer calories, artificial sweeteners, according to various studies and research, are not all that beneficial.

Nearly 3,000 people examined the long-term relationship between consuming sweetener-based beverages and weight gain. Participants were followed for almost eight years, and their weight was monitored. After that period, the initiative showed that all those who consumed artificially sugary drinks had a BMI increase of 47% more than those who did not.

Given this scenario, we have gathered three reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners. Check out!

Understand What Artificial Sweeteners Are

Artificial sweeteners have received a lot of demand from the population. This is because they are mainly sold to improve health and maintain a good body shape. They are made up of the sweetener responsible for giving the sweet taste. For this reason, they are widely recommended for special diets, whether for those who want to lose weight or for people with a  sugar restriction, such as diabetics.

However, the sweetener has a daily digestion limit, which the World Health Organization recommends. This limit must be respected because of the health side effects, such as headaches, loss of mood, and diarrhea.

See What The Reasons Are For Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners

Now that you understand what artificial sweeteners are and the studies that indicate their negative effects on the body, see also the three reasons to avoid their daily consumption.

Favors Weight Gain

The first reason to avoid artificial sweeteners may seem contradictory to many people. However, as this is a chemical, it causes our body to stress and releases a protective hormone, the famous cortisol.

The big problem is that when there is a large increase in cortisol, usually during stressful situations, there is also an increase in body fat. That’s why we accumulate fat, but we have no apparent reason. It is for this same reason that many doctors say that stress makes you fat.

Another point that deserves attention is that the cells of our body do not recognize the sweetener as glucose. Therefore, it is normal that, at the next meal, there is an increase in carbohydrate intake, such as bread, crackers, and pasta. That is, the person ends up eating more than they should and without need.

Harms The Health Of Teeth

Food preparations with less sugar are ideal for children, especially regarding dental health. However, many artificial sweeteners contain sucrose, which encourages tooth decay. In fact, unlike sugar, sweeteners are not fermented by the microflora of dental plaque.

Consequently, it causes common teeth problems such as cavities. Because of this harmful effect, many doctors even recommend sugar-free drugs to prevent this damage.

Causes Damage To Nature

In addition to the negative effects on the body, artificial sweeteners generate serious damage to nature. Aspartame, for example, used in diet sodas, is made by fermenting corn and soybeans. They are the two largest genetically engineered crops in the United States. Thus, environmentalists worry that such manipulation of nature will bring disastrous results down the road.

Learn How To Replace Artificial Sweeteners

Because they are not as healthy as they seem, artificial sweeteners can easily be substituted for natural and even better options than sugar. That way, your diet will be much richer and less harmful to your health and nature.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has great potential as a natural, so it is an even cheaper alternative to replace artificial sweeteners. It is obtained through the sap found inside the coconut tree. To get it, just cut the coconut flower. The juice undergoes a heating process and is dehydrated by heat, resulting in natural crystals used to sweeten foods.

Coconut sugar also has important nutrients to compose the body, such as B vitamins and minerals. In addition, inulin fiber is one of the most important components of this sugar. It lowers the glycemic index of food, as it causes carbohydrates to be slowly absorbed by the body.

Stevia Sweetener

Stevia is one of the most used natural sweeteners by those who do food reeducation, as it is characterized as a low-calorie sweetener. It is a plant native to South America and has two important compounds: stevioside and rebaudioside, which give food a sweet taste.

Stevia is an excellent ally when the goal is to reach a healthy weight. Because it is not caloric, it replaces sugar efficiently and helps in glycemic control.


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