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True Or False? Check Out The Ten Biggest Cold Myths

When it gets colder outside, there is a risk of a cold wave. Only hot milk with honey helps avoid kissing and sit out the three days that the cold remains. Or? Which challenging myths are true – and which are not?

Vitamin C Helps With Coughs And Colds

If you already have a cough, runny nose, or hoarseness, it unfortunately no longer helps to take large amounts of vitamin C.

A lot of sleep, slow walks in the fresh air, a diet rich in vitamins, and drinking a lot help better now.

Flu Shot Protects

The vaccination is adjusted each year to the expected spread of influenza viruses; on average, it prevents about half of the diseases and alleviates the complications in the others.

Get vaccinated in October and November – before the wave hits in January.

Sex Strengthens The Immune System

A long-term study from 2004 shows that sex increases the level of immunoglobulin in the body, thus ensuring that you get colds less often.

However, you should be active at least twice a week.

Please don’t kiss

No false restraint! First, with the exchange of 80 million bacteria, the kiss has an immune-stimulating effect.

Secondly, the infection has usually already taken place via the nose and eyes, so kissing no longer matters.

Hot Milk With Honey Relieves A Sore Throat

It cannot heal, but it can alleviate. However, the good ingredients in honey are sensitive to heat – so only stir into lukewarm milk.

Cold Comes From Cold

No one gets a cold from the cold alone; you need viruses for that. But: The lower the body temperature, the weaker the immune system. You are keeping warm help, especially for your feet and nose.

Suppressing A Sneeze Is Harmful

Sneezing is the cleaning function of the nose: Particles are thrown out at around 160 km/h. If they cannot do this, they migrate with pressure into the sinuses or ear.

It is, therefore, better to open your mouth when sneezing (in the crook of your arm or a handkerchief); this minimizes the pressure.

Hot Lemon And Warm Beer Help Against Colds

Unfortunately, the two well-known home remedies are ineffective – because the vitamin C in the lemon is sensitive to heat, and alcohol weakens the immune system, whether warm or cold.

Better: Tea made from unpeeled, freshly cut ginger – it has an anti-inflammatory effect and warms you from the inside.

Pulling Up Is Better Than Blowing Your Nose

No, because both spread the bacteria. Gently blowing your nose with paper towels is the best way to get rid of mucus.

A Cold Comes Three Days, Stays Three Days, Goes Three Days

The incubation period lasts one to three days, followed by two to three days of feeling sick – now you should stay at home for the sake of your colleagues – and then the cold subsides again over a few days.


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