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Decrease Your Fat Percentage Efficiently

Choose The Ideal Foods

Do you already know how to decrease the percentage of fat efficiently?

If you want to become an absolute monster, you probably know this has a direct relationship with fat rate, right? After all, it doesn’t make much sense to fight for hypertrophy and not take care of this aspect – mainly because it can even be a stumbling block and compromise the diet for muscle definition.

To reduce the fat percentage efficiently and have good results, it is essential to adopt some measures. They are focused on three aspects: diet, training and routine.

Diet plays a more important role in hypertrophy than most people realize. While some foods can help decrease body fat, others encourage it to increase, and you don’t want that.

So, see below which foods should be present in your diet and which must be avoided at all costs.

Foods That Should Be Avoided

Saturated animal fats, refined flour and sugar are good examples of foods that add to this unwanted mass and, therefore, should be avoided. This happens because this substance present in them presents an enormous facility to transform into fat cells.

Refined Flour

Refined flours cause a spike in glucose and insulin levels, which is terrible for those who want to lose weight. After all, they generate an increase in appetite and the feeling of anxiety and also cause your body to be induced to store fat.

In practice, this favors the formation of localized fat, especially in the abdominal region. So, avoid white rice and bread that are not whole grain, ok? Cookies and the like are also harmful to the body.


It’s not a secret that sugar is not a healthy food. In general, sugary drinks, sodas, and candy can be delicious, but they have a lot of empty calories (no nutrients) and quickly turn into fat.

Saturated Fat

They are the great enemies of those who want to define the abdomen and other body parts because saturated fats quickly become fat cells. Avoid embedded foods, butter, sour cream, fried foods, etc.

Suitable Foods

Lean Meats (Chicken Breast, Fish And Seafood)

If flour and sugar are not worth it, there are some foods that, on the other hand, can help a lot in this regard. Lean proteins and fatty acids are great examples and should be included in the diet of anyone who wants good results.

In the case of meat, the leanest options — such as chicken breast, fish and seafood — are always the best. They will kill your hunger, give you the nutrients you need to pull iron and help you burn fat.

Lean Proteins

Proteins speed up metabolism and provide satiety, which is a significant impact. In addition, they also play a vital role in building muscle mass and being faithful allies.

Bet on foods like hard-boiled eggs, low-fat cheeses (white, cottage, ricotta, etc.) and other low-fat dairy products.

Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids — like Omega 3 and 6, for example — are “good” fats, which can help burn “bad” fats. They contain acids that enhance the insulin response, aiding in transforming fat cells into muscle.

You can find them in fish like tuna and salmon. Eggs, soybean oils and nuts are also good sources of fatty acids.

As you can see, food plays a vital role. So, don’t waste time and talk to your nutritionist to develop a diet that meets your needs.

Decrease Your Caloric Intake

As obvious as this may be, some people forget this detail. The very high caloric balance makes it even easier to gain weight and accumulate fat in the body.

On the other hand, a negative balance is a critical step in decreasing body fat. If you don’t believe it, think for a few minutes: if you expend more energy than you ingest, you automatically start to burn cells of this type since they are also a source of energy.

That’s right: this procedure is widespread and is known as lipolysis. At this moment, the hydrolysis of lipids (fat cells) takes place, thus generating fatty acids and salts for the body.

Don’t Go Without Eating

It is worth remembering that this calorie reduction has nothing to do with not eating or fainting from hunger. Eating the right amounts necessary for your size and pace of life is essential.

This is a way to have a quality diet to eat fewer calories and still ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to function well and maintain all physiological processes.

You can bet on some options with the most aggressive profile, such as low-carb models or the famous ketogenic, as they also usually bring great results. As they are a little more radical, the ideal is not to stay on the same diet for too long — I think it can be a great temporary alternative. Remember that it is ideal in this type of situation to talk to a nutrition professional before starting.

This is a way to lower body fat more efficiently, as the body needs to use the store of this type of energy that already exists to provide the strength you need. Thus, they are quickly burned, and you immediately notice the impacts.

If you already train and want to hypertrophy, understand that food plays a fundamental role in pursuing these goals. Going more than 3 hours without eating can compromise your results and cause your body to accumulate fat unnecessarily. That is, decrease your intake, but without harming your meals.


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