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Dermarolling Treatment At Home

The skin loves step-by-step instructions. I’ll show you how to use your derma roller at home. Ideally, the treatment takes place in the evening. The face will be slightly red afterwards, and the skin should not be stressed after the treatment and should not be directly exposed to UV radiation or other environmental influences. 

A restful and rejuvenating beauty sleep is the best thing you can do after a derma rolling treatment. It should not be rolled on open wounds or active pimples. Injuries must be completely healed before you treat them with your derma roller. Do not use aggressive peelings (cleansing brushes, scrubs), peeling agents (BHA, AHA), or other active ingredients (vitamin A) for five days before or after application.


Hygiene is essential when derma rolling. That’s why the head of the roll is disinfected before and after each use. You can use rubbing alcohol, also called isopropanol. Pour the disinfectant liquid into a glass and place the head of the roll there so that it is completely covered with the disinfectant. 

Let it sit in the solution for about 10 minutes. Tip: Use a “slim” shot glass. This way, you can use alcohol more sparingly. This process kills bacteria and prevents possible infections. The roll is then rinsed with plenty of warm water. Note: Always handle the registration with care and make sure that the needles do not hit complex objects. This could bend or dull them.


Your face should be cleansed before treatment. Clean your skin not only with cotton pads and make-up remover but also with plenty of clear water and a mild cleansing lotion.

Numbing Cream, If Necessary

A needle length of 1 millimetre can help relieve possible pain. Not everyone needs anaesthetic cream. If you feel that the pain is unpleasant, some creams temporarily numb the skin. So you can “roll” worry-free and pain-free. It’s best to pay a visit to your pharmacist or doctor.

Let’s Start “Rolling.” But Only With The Proper Technique!

Divide your face into four areas: right cheek, left cheek, chin, and forehead. Now roll up and down or sideways back and forth with light pressure. Between each “track,” you obliterate the roll from the skin and then put it back on. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, a “track” can be processed 6–8 times. In the first round, you work on your face with horizontal movements, and the second round is then treated vertically or the other way around. 

Can The Skin Bleed?

Minor, pinpoint bleeding is normal. However, the skin should not bleed intensely.

Clean Again

  • The roller should be cleaned thoroughly after treatment. To do this:
  • Disinfect the roll (as in step 1) with fresh rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes.
  • Once stored safely, allow them to air dry before returning to the box.
  • Store it in a safe place where it is out of reach of children and cannot fall.


If desired, a serum or other product with a nourishing active ingredient can now be applied. You must keep your skin well-hydrated. Dermarolling can stress and dry out the skin, which can be problematic because it slows down the skin’s healing processes. I recommend using a sheet mask or lotion mask with a nourishing serum or lotion after application, as well as a thin layer of petroleum jelly afterwards. Here are our recommendations:

Skin-Love Sheet Masks

The Hautlieb sheet masks can be combined with any care product.


The skin should be protected after the treatment. The resulting redness usually fades after about two hours. From now on, avoid sunlight, cold, and other possible stimuli for at least 24 hours. It is advisable not to apply any make-up during this time and to cleanse your skin with only water. You should also not use strong cleansing gels, peeling agents, or peeling agents (BPO, BHA, AHA, etc.) for at least five days after application.


It is now essential that you apply enough sun protection every day. I recommend a 100% mineral sunscreen.

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