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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight? Myths And Truths

Drinking the right amount of water benefits the body, but is it an ally in fighting overweight? Everyone knows (or should know) that keeping the body well-hydrated is a huge health benefit. Drinking water help you lose weight? The truth is that this is not a direct relationship, that is, just increasing the amount of liquid ingested during the day will not make you lose weight, but it will influence other factors that can help with the diet, such as improving bowel functions.

Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions On The Subject Below:

1 – Drinking Water Reduces Appetite

This is a truth proven by science. At least that’s what the study carried out by Virginia Tech University in the United States and published in the journal Obesity, one of the most relevant in the world in the area of ​​weight loss, says.

The researchers divided 48 people between 55 and 75 into two groups. Both were given lower-calorie diets and exercise programs, but one was instructed to drink about 500 ml of water before eating. Ultimately, the most hydrated team had a 44% greater weight loss than the one that continued taking the same amount of liquid.

One of the mechanisms that cause us the feeling of satiety is the dilation of the musculature that surrounds the stomach. From that moment, our brain understands that we have already been fed enough and closes the appetite.

This sensation occurs, among other reasons, with the help of water. When it comes into contact with the fibres of whole grains, fruits and vegetables in the stomach, for example, there is the formation of a kind of dense mass that takes longer to digest.

2 – Cold Water Helps To Lose Weight?

This statement is false. The logic is that when coming into contact with cold water, the body works to regulate the temperature, thus increasing metabolism. This relationship can even be considered valid, but the resulting caloric expenditure is too small to make a difference in weight.

3 – Can I Drink Water Whenever I Feel Hungry?

This is a valid strategy for good water intake, but it can be risky for people with eating disorders. This is because, although hunger is confused with the lack of water in our bodies, it is necessary to know how to identify and distinguish one from the other. After all, a healthy weight loss journey requires a minimum amount of calories to be ingested daily.

A good glass of water about 30 minutes before eating can help reduce appetite. But it should be noted that just drinking more water will not make you lose weight.

The best option is always to maintain a healthy eating pattern, consuming more natural foods and avoiding sweets and excess pasta. Another good tip is to replace soft drinks and sugary drinks with water. So, instead of drinking a big glass of soda with a fast food hamburger, replacing the sandwich with a lighter dish and soda with water can help you lose weight.

Thus, drinking water loses weight when other changes in our diet accompany the habit. And then we can enjoy the great benefits of water and food without risking our health.

Proper Nutrition Must Accompany

So you need to know: water alone does not help to lose weight. There is no point in replacing food with glasses of water or ice cubes. An adequate diet must accompany this intake of more water. What water can do for us is maintain a feeling of satiety for longer, preventing uncontrolled intake of calories.

An excellent incentive to drink more water and help with the diet is always to have a fresh and pure liquid, free of tastes, colors, odors or substances that can harm your health. For this, the use of filters and purifiers is essential.

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