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Feta Cheese: Spicy Cheese From The Mediterranean Cuisine

In addition to feta, other cheeses are made from sheep’s milk or mixtures with cow’s or goat’s milk. These include well-known cheeses such as Spanish Manchego. Using sheep’s milk gives the cheeses a stronger and spicier aroma than pure cow’s milk cheese. However, the best-known sheep’s cheese is feta. The cheese made from sheep’s milk has a creamy to firm consistency, is usually pressed into blocks, and then stored in brine.

Feta Cheese: Recipes For Appetizers And Savory Snacks

Numerous delicious small dishes can be made with sheep’s cheese, which is always well received as a starter, snack, or part of a Mediterranean buffet. Of course, this includes dips and creams made from tangy white cheese and a wide variety of pastries, which get their delicate aroma thanks to the baked feta cheese. But also marinated in seasoning oil with garlic, oregano, or rosemary, the sheep’s cheese becomes a food-suitable delicacy in no time. The many recipe ideas presented to prove the versatility of the popular traditional cheese.

Recipes With Feta Cheese For Spicy Main Dishes

As an absolute all-rounder, sheep’s cheese harmonizes with meat, fish, vegetables, salad, and fruit. When preparing with the popular salted cheese, connoisseurs have the full range of delicious main courses: from casseroles to stir-fried vegetables to filling salads, everything Mediterranean cuisine offers is represented.

The spicy cheese is often used as a delicate filling for peppers and courgettes, but the creamy sheep’s cheese is also suitable for minced steaks or dumplings. When browsing the recipes presented, everyone will find new inspiration for delicious dishes with feta.

Baked Feta Cheese Or Grilled

Whether in the oven, on the grill, or in the pan – baked feta or feta cheese cuts a fine figure with all three preparation methods! If you like, you can marinate the spicy cheese for a few hours in olive oil, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or sage, and other aromatic ingredients such as onions, garlic, or chili.

The best way to grill the seasoned feta cheese is to wrap it in aluminum foil. Also delicious: some vegetables of your choice with feta cheese, such as tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, etc. 

Feta can also be prepared in the foil in the oven or placed in a casserole dish on a bed of vegetables. Baked feta cheese is ready when the consistency is creamy and soft but still holds shape. For baking or grilling, you can also put the marinated cheese in a sliced ​​flatbread.

This is how the delicious flavors of the sheep’s cheese merge with the crispy baked bread – very simple yet delicious. But you can also prepare fine delicacies from sheep’s cheese in the pan. Bread the feta block whole or cut it into pieces and fry in plenty of oil or clarified butter. This makes the sheep’s cheese wonderfully creamy inside, covered with a crispy crust, and goes perfectly with crisp, fresh lettuce.

Feta Cheese: Popular In Dips And Spreads

Sheep’s cheese is no less popular as a creamy dip or savory spread. Flavored with spices such as oregano, garlic, or paprika and refined with chopped olives, nuts, or dried tomatoes, Turkish and Greek delicatessens, and stalls offer numerous delicious variants of the sheep’s cheese cream.

But of course, you can also make the creamy cheese delicacy at home by crushing the feta cheese with a fork and mixing it with yogurt, cream cheese, or crème fraîche and spices of your choice. Mixing the sheep’s cheese with a hand blender and the other ingredients into a smooth cream is even faster.

You can leave the cream a little firmer and use more feta cheese for a spread. You can add less cheese and more yogurt or a sip of milk to get the desired consistency as a dip. Fresh flatbread tastes as good as a baguette or a hearty rye bread. The spicy cream made from sheep’s cheese is often served as a creamy accompaniment to the starter plate and is also great on a Mediterranean buffet.

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