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Glaucoma: Symptoms And How Long It Takes To Lead To Blindness

Glaucoma is an optic nerve pathology that must be identified and treated in time. Otherwise, it can lead to blindness. Are there any warning symptoms? Glaucoma is an important optic nerve pathology that must be treated in time. Otherwise, it could lead to blindness. In this sense, it can be very useful to understand what the warning symptoms of glaucoma are to implement a prevention strategy aimed at a timely cure of the disease.

What Are Glaucoma And The Main Types?

This disease is caused by increased intraocular pressure and can lead to low vision and blindness. Ocular pressure is, in turn, caused by an incorrect outflow of the aqueous humor, which by not flowing regularly, can build up and increase pressure. This involves compression of the optic nerve with relative degradation of the fibers. This compression causes visual degeneration, leading to a strong visual field alteration.

The pathology is divided into several types: in most cases (80% according to estimates), we are faced with open-angle glaucoma: which is also the least evident case history of time. Closed-angle glaucoma is rarer (10% of cases estimated, but more frequent in women). However, it is a rather serious type in which the risk of going blind is very high. Furthermore, among the various types of this pathology, congenital glaucoma (present from birth, causing photophobia and excess tearing) and secondary glaucoma (related to other pathologies, such as cancer or diabetes) also stand out.

The Causes

We have said that glaucoma must be caught and treated in time. Otherwise, there is a risk of going blind. In this sense, it can be very useful to recognize the warning symptoms and the main causes at the origin of this pathology. In short, the so-called risk factors: the latter can concern the age ( usually occurs after 40 years ) and the hereditary character (that is, better check if there are other cases in the family). The correlation with other disorders and pathologies, such as cataracts, hyperopia, eye trauma, hypertension, and diabetes, should not be underestimated.

Glaucoma Warning Symptoms, What Are They?

As we have seen, in the case of the most frequent type of glaucoma (chronic open-angle), the pathology is not immediately evident. When it manifests itself visibly, it is already too late to have appropriate treatment. It is good to know which are the most frequent symptoms that occur with the onset of glaucoma. These are:

  1. Visual field disturbances: blurred vision, halos, night vision problems;
  2. Pain: eye pain, photophobia, nausea and vomiting, headache;
  3. Aesthetic factors: swollen eyelid.

Being asymptomatic in its early stages, glaucoma must be taken early, and often, when it occurs, it is by pure chance. If a prior check can be defined as “random.” Every year, in fact, on the occasion of the World Glaucoma Week, which in 2021 is celebrated this week, from Monday 8 to Sunday 14, free screenings and check-ups are carried out. A fundamental prevention weapon for identifying any problem at the root and solving it promptly.

How Long Does It Take For Glaucoma To Lead To Blindness?

Glaucoma is a disease that, if allowed to pass, leads to blindness. Answering this paragraph’s question is practically impossible because there is no objective answer to this question. The timing depends on the phase in which the disease is found when it is identified and diagnosed and on the type of pathology from which one is affected.


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