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Goodbye Acne! Get Rid Of Pimples Quickly

Even after puberty, they are guaranteed to come at the most inopportune moment. How to fix pimples – or how to avoid them

Limit The Damage

Magic away is also not possible with pimples. But making it invisible works at least halfway – with a masking cream or pimple pen. At least damage limitation is possible. This means, first of all: “Do not press, do not squeeze,”. This only makes pimples worse. Especially when they are deep in the skin,.” Because dirt under the nails can make the inflammation much worse, and the sharp edges can even cause injury, infection, and scarring.”

Swift Countermeasures

A tip from pharmacist Bartsch: put on blister plasters. “That makes the pimple nice and soft, ripe, so to speak.” As a further countermeasure, she recommends applying warm compresses or some black ointment with ammonium bituminosulfonate. She pulls out the pus.

The unpleasant growth can then be tackled with Berberis ointment, for example. It is best to apply in the morning and the evening. If the pimple already has a yellowish-white cap, you can carefully remove it with a clean cosmetic tissue – but please with clean fingers! This allows the sebum to drain away. It is best to disinfect the area afterward – and leave it alone.

Products with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents such as adapalene, erythromycin, or clindamycin can be used for stubborn pimples. They accelerate the healing process but must be prescribed by a dermatologist.

Prevent Pimples

To prevent pimples from occurring in the first place, the skin must be cleaned daily according to type, for example, with a gentle cleansing foam or washing gel. Peelings are even more effective at loosening dead skin and allowing sebum to flow out of the pores more efficiently – the prerequisite for pimple-free skin. In some areas, it is better to clean the skin with cleansing products that do not require water. Because “a high lime content is counterproductive,”.

You have to be meticulous against blackheads:

  • In the tiny accumulations of sebum with dead cells, bacteria multiply.
  • The skin becomes inflamed.
  • The clogged pores explain experts.

Ideal base for a pimple. If you like, you can have a cleaning done by a professional. Mechanical peelings such as microdermabrasion or hydrafacial have proven effective.

Dermatologist Plötz also recommends regular peelings at home, after which blackheads can be removed more efficiently – with cleaned fingers, a cloth, and disinfection. Alternatively, Bartsch advises using blackhead snares.

Help With Home Remedies

Allegedly, grandma already had a prescription for pimples. But which one fulfills its purpose? If necessary, you can disinfect with lemon juice,. A short steam bath with chamomile flowers that is not too hot softens the skin and opens pores. Quark dries out a lot, so don’t leave it on for long. Zinc ointment is not very suitable. Plötz advises against toothpaste: “It can irritate and worsen blackheads and pustules.” Tea tree oil can reduce inflammation but has high allergenic potential. Cool ice cubes, but the inflammation remains.

Everyday Tips

  • Do not keep touching your face. Otherwise, you will spread bacteria on the skin
  • Always wash hands thoroughly before treating pimples
  • Only use make-up that is suitable for blemished skin. Otherwise, the pores can clog
  • Replace pillowcases more often. Bacteria can also collect there
  • Change washcloths and towels early
  • Regularly disinfect the telephone receiver, computer keyboard, and smartphone. They are heavily contaminated with germs
  • Dairy products are suspected of promoting pimple formation
  • Avoid pure coconut and olive oil as a care product
  • Reduce stress

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