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Healthy Weight Loss: What Foods To Avoid?

Sugary Drinks

Avoid consuming drinks rich in sugars, whether soda, juice from a can, or industrialized iced tea. In the case of industrialized products, also avoid the light and diet forms. In addition to being virtually nutrient-free, these drinks are linked to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular complications.

Industrialized Sausages

The sausages arose from the need to preserve the meat for longer. Therefore, these foods are chemically modified and last longer than fresh meat. Sausages, salami, ham, and bologna are examples and are usually much more fat than the natural version of beef.

The higher amount of fat, however, is not the only problem. In addition to the high sodium concentration, these foods are rich in food additives associated with diseases such as cancer. Choose regular meat, free of other substances, or homemade versions of sausages, which usually contain only meat.

Foods High In Hydrogenated Fat

Hydrogenated fat is an artificial trans fat created by the industry as an alternative to saturated fat to bring flavor and durability to foods. To obtain this fat solid at room temperature, the industry uses a process of hydrogenation of vegetable oils.

This type of fat is related to the decrease in HDL levels, considered “good cholesterol,” to the increase in obesity, inflammation in the body, and several other diseases.

Keep an eye out: hydrogenated fat is present in many people’s everyday foods, including children’s: stuffed cookies, wafers, chips, ready-made chocolate, ice cream, cakes, margarine, ready-made seasonings, and others.

Read the food label and note that there is no amount of this fat in the “%DV” column (daily intake value). No amount is required for its consumption; that is, it is not necessary for our health — on the contrary, it should be consumed in the smallest amount possible.

Refined Sugar

Present in sweets, bread, cookies, and so many other foods, white sugar is known for its harm: increased obesity, development of diabetes, insulin resistance, increased cholesterol levels, difficulty concentrating, and others.

In addition to causing all these problems, sugar is an addictive food, which causes a feeling of dependence in those who consume it in excess. Avoid the daily consumption of sweets and prefer natural sweets when you need them. Fruits, unlike sugar, provide our body with nutrients, fiber, and vitamins.

Always give preference to products with as few ingredients as possible. The longer this list is, the greater the chances it contains highly processed ingredients that are bad for our health. When looking at the amount of each macronutrient, look at the serving to which it refers.

In a bag of stuffed biscuits, for example, when looking at the nutrition facts, you might think that the amount of carbs is not that high, but usually, that number refers to a serving equivalent to two biscuits, not the whole packet.

Speaking of prep, if you like to cook, now is the time — cooking at home is one way to ensure quality food. You will know which oil was used, if the seasoning were natural, you will learn all the ingredients, and you will have the opportunity to try new flavors and textures in the kitchen.

Now that you know many factors and foods that can harm your healthy weight loss, focus on good attitudes — such as eating well, exercising, drinking water to keep your body hydrated, getting enough sleep to function correctly, and keeping your body healthy—balance, without letting the pursuit of weight loss harm your emotional state.

Always choose the good industrialized ones, which have nutrients and will help you eat the necessary amounts of each. It is worth remembering that a healthy body is much more important than a thin one. To get both takes a little dedication and willpower to acquire new habits. Invest in yourself!


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