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How To Strengthen The Immune System

The most effective foods. And some natural, simple but powerful remedies. Like sleep and physical activity

How To Strengthen Immune Defenses

Having low immunity means being exposed more easily to infections and diseases. The immune defenses protect us from external pathogens by safeguarding our bodies from the attack of viruses and bacteria. This is why it is essential not to let your guard down.

Reasons For Lowering Immune Defenses

Several reasons can lead to lowering the immune defenses: for example, changes in temperature, stress, poor eating habits, a zinc deficiency and even the excessive or incorrect use of drugs such as antibiotics. This results in both physical and mental fatigue, symptomatic manifestations characteristic of flu states and in some cases, even hair loss.

Natural Remedies For Immune Defenses

It is the winter season when you are most exposed to a lowering of the immune defences. To stay healthy, you do not need to waste money on various supplements: a correct and balanced diet and regular physical activity can be essential to strengthen and strengthen our immune system and protect the body from disease.

Foods That Strengthen The Immune System 

To strengthen the body, it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet and a rich and varied diet, trying to avoid consuming excessive amounts of sugars and saturated fats without missing at least 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables. Fennel and cabbage are valuable from this point of view.

Here, in particular, are the foods that present themselves as natural allies of our health :

  • Garlic

It is rich in allicin, a substance capable of stimulating the multiplication of cells that fight infections. And not only that: according to some research, allicin would also reduce the risk of stomach cancer and heart disease.

  • Dried Fruit 

Dried fruit is rich in vitamin E, which helps our body deal with the attacks of external pathogens. Almonds, for example, are particularly rich in vitamin E and antioxidants capable of reducing sensitivity to seasonal illnesses and respiratory tract infections.

  • Citrus Fruits 

They contain essential vitamin C because it helps the immune system protect us from disease and promotes iron absorption in plant foods. This is why in a healthy and balanced diet, you must never miss seasonal fruit and vegetables, foods rich in vitamins that are important for health.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, rich in proteins, on the other hand, have a high content of beta-carotene capable of stimulating the strengthening of the immune system—the same thing for carrots, pumpkin and egg yolk.

  • Mushrooms

They are rich in selenium and beta-glucan, essential for activating white blood cells and therefore defending ourselves from infections and repairing damaged tissues. Beta-glucans are also contained in oat bran and whole oats.

  • Salmon

It is an essential food for our immune defence as it is rich in vitamin D, which is necessary to avoid respiratory infections. Salmon also contains Omega 3, which can reduce the risk of heart attack, improve memory and learning, fight inflammation and counteract skin aging.

  • Skimmed Milk And  Yogurt

Also, do not forget to enrich your daily diet with those foods that help restore the bacterial flora and increase the immune defences, such as the so-called probiotic active enzymes that you find in foods such as low-fat milk and yogurt. 

Sport To Strengthen The Immune System  

The most valuable sports and physical activities to increase the immune system are:

  • Walk. Sporting activity is not essential; even a half-hour walk a day can suffice.
  • Swimming. It remains the complete sport for all the organs it involves
  • Gymnastics. In particular, the aerobic one.
  • Bicycle. This is also a very healthy physical activity for our immune system.

Sleep For The Immune System

  1. Try to sleep at least eight hours a night: good sleep is essential because it allows us to maintain a high concentration during the day and allows our body to rebuild white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infections. 
  2. Try to limit the sources of stress:  it can lead to a lowering of the immune defences. It causes a weakening of white blood cells and lowers their ability to take action against inflammation. A little healthy movement and a few walks in the fresh air can be an excellent cure-all against stress.


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