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Low-Calorie Diet Without Starving – How To Do It And Tips

Those overweight can seek a series of strategies to lose weight – among them is a diet with reduced calorie consumption or a low-calorie diet.

But How To Go On A Low-Calorie Diet Without Starving Yourself?

Below are some tips on how to go on a low-calorie diet without starving yourself.

1. Choose The Right Foods

One strategy to follow a low-calorie diet without starving yourself is to include foods that promote satiety and appetite control on the menu.

The best foods to eat for weight loss keep you feeling full for longer, provide you with good nutrition, and help you maintain your weight once your diet is over.

2. Foods Rich In Fiber

Some of these best foods for a weight loss diet are those high in fiber. They create a feeling of fullness, control blood sugar by slowing carbohydrate digestion, decrease calorie intake, and keep the digestive tract healthy in motion.

Good high-fiber, low-calorie food choices include beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, oats, barley, bran, whole grains, and most whole-grain vegetables and fruits.

However, it is worth remembering that reasonable water consumption should accompany the intake of foods with fiber and that the increase in fiber consumption for those who are not used to it should happen gradually.

Fiber needs water to pass through the digestive system and form stools. However, when a person consumes more fiber and does not ingest a sufficient amount of water, a worsening of a trapped intestine can occur. He can still suffer from abdominal pain.

In addition, the intake of fiber without water can result in the dryness of the intestine.

It is necessary to gradually increase the intake of fiber in the diet because the intestinal bacteria that break down some of the thread need time to get used to this growth in the nutrient information.

When this increase happens all at once, you risk suffering from intestinal problems.

3. Food Sources Of Lean Protein

Including lean proteins in every meal and snack to curb your appetite is essential for eating a low-calorie diet without starving yourself.

As protein is digested in the small intestine, a chemical message to stop eating is sent to your brain, driving away appetite. Protein can also stimulate alertness and energy.

In this sense, it is recommended to eat dairy products free of fat or with a 1% fat content, skinless chicken, skinless turkey, eggs, hummus, nuts, seeds, and beans to keep your appetite under control during the weight loss process.

4. The Good Fats

Contrary to popular belief, a low-fat diet is not ideal for weight loss or health. Fat enhances weight loss efforts because it satisfies the appetite and prevents overeating.

Include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, known to be heart-healthy and appetite suppressants, in your diet through almonds and other nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, avocados, and fatty fish like sardines. tuna and herring.

5. Make Brilliant Calorie Exchanges

Doing some caloric food swaps, giving preference to foods low in calories while having a high volume, allows you to eat more without exceeding your calorie intake.

Instead of eating food that yields 100 calories in ½ cup, for example, the tip is to consume another food in its place that yields 100 calories in a cup and, at the same time, is nutritious. The person can eat a more significant portion of food to satiate the body more.

Low energy (calorie) density foods take longer to digest, satisfy your appetite for longer and are full of fiber and other nutrients.

6. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Calories

Within a low-calorie diet, it is necessary to be very careful not to spend the caloric intake rate released for the day unnecessarily with foods and drinks that are poor in nutrients and rich in calories and sugar.

Therefore, give preference to consuming nutritious items with moderate calorie content and eliminate the intake of unnecessary products such as artificial juices, alcoholic beverages, candies, sweets, and soft drinks.


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