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Natural Hangover Remedies

It can happen to everyone to drink a little at a party or dinner with friends and find themselves having to sober up a hangover. Nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and stomach acid are the classic symptoms faced by those who have exaggerated with alcohol and went to sleep decidedly tipsy. Lots of fresh water, a little time, and patience are usually enough for the body to regain its balance, but it is possible to resort to some natural remedies to speed up the hangover.

Hangover: Rehydrate First

Despite being liquid, alcohol dehydrates the body, which, to recover faster, requires a surplus of hydration. Natural water is the simplest and most effective way to restore normal conditions, but freshly squeezed juices and centrifuges can also help. Suppose you can drink slightly warm water with a pinch of salt (but not too much, or you risk the opposite effect). Rehydrating will also speed up the elimination of alcohol through diuresis and perspiration. Instead, it is better to do without fizzy drinks and those based on caffeine (cola, coffee, etc.) which can further irritate the stomach walls and aggravate dehydration.

Hangover: Water, Ginger, And Lemon

Ginger and lemon are two classic natural hangover remedies that effectively counter nausea and heartburn. To take them, you can chew a piece of fresh ginger directly or prepare a ginger-based herbal tea and add a few drops of lemon to the hot infusion. It is also advisable to use a little honey to sweeten it: bees’ gold provides antioxidants capable of counteracting the free radicals produced by excess alcohol. The drink should be sipped very hot and in small sips to avoid initially worsening the sense of nausea. An additional benefit of this natural hangover remedy is that it helps rehydrate the body.

Fresh Fruit And Natural Juices

A breakfast of fresh fruit is another natural hangover remedy. The intake of fructose and vitamins can help the body recover from the hangover. Bananas, in particular, help to restore potassium levels more quickly, which can be deficient after a hangover, contributing to the feeling of exhaustion typical of a hangover. As an alternative to fruit, you can drink juices and freshly squeezed juices, as long as they are natural and homemade. However, it is better to avoid citrus fruits and other fruits that can worsen the feeling of acidity in the stomach or be challenging to digest.

More Natural Hangover Remedies

Even mint, preferably fresh, has digestive properties that help remove hangovers: preparing a mint-based tea or soup, possibly fresh, is a good idea to recover from a hangover. If you don’t like mint, or you don’t have it available, bet on fennel and lemon balm, which are indicated to aid digestion and eliminate excessive drinking. On the other hand, milk helps detoxify the body and reduces the absorption of alcohol, so it can help you feel better, incredibly relieving headaches.

Food Supplements

They can help against cramps, burning, acidity and stomach pain, and headaches, among the most dreaded and intense hangover symptoms you have to deal with: you should avoid any product that could cause liver damage if combined with alcohol, of which you will have a good supply still circulating in the organism.

Hangover Cure: Sleep

Come on, admit it, if you’ve got a hangover and have symptoms, you’ve probably also stayed up late, even until dawn: after excessive alcohol consumption, you sleep less than usual, even if the alcohol made you “pass out ” quickly as soon as you lay down on the bed. Sleep deprivation isn’t the worst hangover symptom, but it sure will make you feel even worse than you already feel. If you have the opportunity to treat yourself to extra sleep the day after the hangover, do it, don’t miss the opportunity to recharge and rest after a night that was a bit over the top. Your mind and body will thank you as well as your cognitive abilities will be less stressed.

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