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Six Ways To Finally Drink More Water

Beautiful skin, good body feeling, clear mind: You know how important drinking water is. But too often, you don’t live up to your good drinking resolutions? That’s how it works!

Drinking enough water seems an impossibility to you? It does not need to remain this way.

With a few good arguments and the right tricks, it is much easier to supply your body with enough liquid.

That Is Why It Is Essential To Drink Enough Water

Your mind needs a reason to support you on the subject of healthy living. There are three excellent reasons to get to the recommended amount of 1.5 to two liters per day for drinking water.

​You Answer

Do you keep thinking you’re hungry? Sometimes that’s true, of course, but in around 40 percent of cases, it’s thirsting that makes itself felt. 

So if your stomach is rumbling, drink water instead of eating; maybe your body is already happy with that.

Also, if you drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before a meal, you’ll feel full faster while eating. The effect: you eat less.

Your Beauty Benefits

Your cells need liquid to do their job correctly – without alcohol,  sugar and flavorings.

Pure water promotes metabolism and thus helps your skin become firmer and more precise.

You Stay Fit

Dehydrated, you are not efficient, neither at work nor in training. It is therefore essential to provide the body with sufficient liquid.

According to experts, water that you drink during training is not part of the recommended daily amount to drink. It should be drunk in addition.

After all, you lose sweat – i.e. water – during your workout, so you have to replenish these reserves.

This Is How You Become A Drinking Pro

Our brain learns through repetition. Therefore, plan a water week where you set yourself the explicit goal of drinking the recommended two liters of water every day. These six tips will help you:

Make A Cheat Sheet

Please write down the three good reasons to drink more water on a piece of paper or save them as a note on your smartphone. So you can keep them in mind over and over again—keyword ‘repeat’.

Set A Drinking Timer

Sometimes everyday life is so hectic that we forget even the most prominently placed water glass. The only thing that helps is a reminder on your smartphone.

Three times a day, it reminds you to drink, and you internalize your drinking routine.

Have Drinks Within Reach

Your greatest enemy is forgetting. That’s why you should always have a carafe of water nearby – close enough that you can see it!

Whether at the breakfast table, during sports, at work or in bed: always have a thirst quencher ready. Besides water, you can also drink unsweetened tea or a juice spritzer. 

Coffee and black tea are also famous “drinks”, but they are considered luxury foods due to their caffeine content. While smoothies contain a lot of liquid, they also have a lot of sugar and calories.

If pure water becomes too dull for you in the long run, you can fall back on tip number 4.

Pimp Your Water

Pimp your water with apple or orange slices, a squeeze of lemon, some cucumber or a few berries. It tastes good, looks pretty and has significantly fewer calories than a juice spritzer.

Unique flavors can also be created with herbs such as thyme, mint or basil. So you drink as if by yourself.

Prevent Thirst

When your body is dehydrated, you become thirsty. If you don’t reach for a glass of water immediately, reduced performance, headaches or tiredness will quickly follow.

Your urine will turn dark yellow, and your skin will become drier. To not let it get that far, drink before you feel thirsty because that is already a warning sign that your body is dehydrated.

Keep A Drinking Diary

To better monitor how much you drink, keep a drinking diary. Record every glass of water and other beverages in your journal or a dedicated app.

Then you can see whether you can manage your fluid quota and where there is still room for improvement.


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