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Steam For The Face: How To Do It With Natural Methods

The benefits are many: the skin is cleansed and becomes smoother and brighter. The pores open. And blackheads can be eliminated.

The steam bath is a preliminary treatment done in beauty centers or at barbershops equipped for this type of service and then proceeds to clean the face. But we can also do it at home, with relatively simple and genuine preparation.

What Is The Steam Bath For The Face

The steam bath for the face is not only essential for cleaning the skin and, therefore, for the elimination of annoying and unsightly blackheads. There’s more. The effect of water vapor eliminates toxins and thus makes the skin smoother and brighter.

Benefits Of The Facial Steam Bath 

The steam bath has many benefits for the beauty and radiance of the facial skin

  • Gently cleanses the skin by removing dead cells
  • It dilates the pores
  • Removes blackheads
  • Power up other treatments

How To Take Steam Baths 

We can also use essential oils to get the most benefits from steam baths. For example, lemon oil can be used for dry skin, chamomile oil for dry pearls, and fennel infusion for mature skin. Steam baths are not suitable for people with coupe rose as the heat could accentuate the problem. Let’s see how to do it:

  • We gently remove make-up from the skin of the face
  • We take a saucepan and fill it with 500 ml of water, bring it to a boil and prepare the table
  • On the table, put a basin and a beach towel, pour the boiling water and then a couple of drops of essential oil
  • At this point, place your face 30 cm from the boiling surface of the water and cover your head with the towel. Remain in this position for 3/5 minutes
  • Treat the skin with a moisturizing and nourishing mask
  • It also has a soothing and relaxing effect

How Long To Stay With The Face On The Steam?

As we have said, the time needed to stay in contact with the steam produced by boiling water is about five minutes. Or even less. But some things are essential:

  • Wash your face before treatment and then pat it dry with a towel
  • Add herbs or essential oils. They help to relax and give a pleasant smell. From chamomile to lavender, from mint to eucalyptus
  • Place your face on the steaming water
  • Cover your head with a towel
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply

Steam Black Dots 

Blackheads represent an aesthetic problem as they give the sensation of blotchy skin. Still, they are also unhygienic because they occlude the skin’s pores and do not allow it to breathe correctly. Natural steam is the best way to get rid of blackheads without spending money on a beautician. With this procedure: 

  • Once the bowl has been prepared with boiling water and essential oils (bergamot and tea tree are very suitable), place your face safe from the bowl.
  • We keep the head covered with a towel in order to retain as much steam as possible
  • We remain in this position for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Blackheads that have not eliminated themselves, we can slowly squeeze them by joining the top of the index fingers of the hand

Facial Steam

On the market, there are several tools to make your facial sauna with steam to clean your face at home periodically. They are undoubtedly helpful models of vaporizers (avoid buying Chinese products in any case). However, the most effective, economical, and waste-free method remains the one indicated in this article: a simple basin with essential oils.


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