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Strengthen Your Hair: Tips To Improve This Process

Is your hair weak and brittle, and are the strands falling out often? Know that these problems can be related to clogged pores present on the scalp, carelessness with the wires, lack of nutrients, or the presence of some types of chemicals.

The truth is that every woman has a hair type. Be it thicker or thinner; if the thickness of the hair has changed over time, you need to be careful, as this can be a sign of hair weakening.

Of course, several factors can influence hair loss and fragility, such as genetic predisposition and the body’s difficulty in absorbing the vitamins and nutrients necessary for hair health. However, in both cases, the only way to restore strength and shine to the hair is to invest in daily care and quality products.

If you are going through this and want to know how to strengthen your hair, read on and check out the tips we’ve separated for you!

Make Hair Hydration Periodically

To increase the strength of the hair, it is essential to do hair hydration at least once every fifteen days. Hydration does not act sincerely on the wires like reconstruction, but it is just as important — after all, it makes hair more manageable and silky.

At home, it is also possible to obtain good results. Add vitamins, liquid Bepantol, and coconut and argan oils to the treatment cream to enhance the effect.

In addition to helping to strengthen and shine the strands, the oils help to close the hair cuticle, favoring hydration, resistance, and the discipline of the locks.

Use Strengthening Masks

If you want to keep your locks strong and healthy, try to use masks that contain amino acids and proteins, such as keratin, in their composition. They help reconstruct the hair and return the shine and elasticity.

It is also recommended that the masks be used once or twice a week. However, the frequency of application should be according to the condition of the wires. If your hair is very damaged, use them at least once a week. Otherwise, apply them every fifteen days.

Schedule A Hair Reconstruction

Adopting a few hair changes can lead to hair damage — and it gets worse if they happen too often. If your wires are weak, brittle, and elastic, it’s good to take a break from chemicals.

Excess chemistry is a harmful factor for hair strengthening. When a process is done without hair preparation, the weakening can worsen, and the same happens if there is no post-chemistry.

In addition to following the hydration tips and using the strengthening above masks, schedule yourself for a hair reconstruction and revitalize your wires.

Take Care Of Food

Anyone who thinks that only quality products can revitalize the wires is wrong. After all, food can also be your great ally in strengthening your hair and improving your health and appearance. The healthier and more balanced it is, the stronger and softer your hair will be.

Therefore, try to have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to benefit. Next, we list the essential vitamins to maintain the health of the wires and the foods in which they are found.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A stimulates hair growth and strengthening in fruits, such as papaya and mango, and animal products.

Vitamin E

Found in sunflower seeds, spinach, coconut oil, and avocado, vitamin E improves the appearance of skin and hair and helps the body produce new strands.

Omega 3

It stimulates collagen production, keeps hair shiny, and prevents hair loss. Omega 3 is present in flaxseeds, tuna, sardines, salmon and chestnuts, and walnuts.


Present in meats, beans, vegetables, cereals, and eggs, minerals are essential for producing hormones and for the composition of tissues. They can cause hair loss in low amounts and leave the skin dry and the nails and strands brittle.

Vegetables And Greens

Vegetables are essential for healthy hair growth and act on the pigments that give hair color.

Bet On The Benefits Of Plants

Speaking of vitamins and minerals, plants also offer these benefits, in addition to amino acids. You know that old tip from grandma about using aloe to strengthen your hair? So it works, in addition to other very beneficial vegetables.


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