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Lose Weight: The 5 Most Giant Fattening Foods To Go And Their Alternatives

Anyone who travels a lot knows that there are several calorie bombs in the station bistro and the waiting room that can easily tempt us if we get hungry between meals. But there are lighter alternatives 

You regularly commute to university, the office, or your partner with a full backpack in your luggage. You don’t always feel like lugging around your food for the whole day.

Are you planning to grab something quick at the train station?

Then steer clear of these food court heavyweights if you don’t want your commute to kick in. 

These Are The Top 5 Fattening Foods To Go

Whether it’s a kebab shop, a snack bar, or a bakery, there are delicious temptations in the train station halls, the city center, or the airport that promise to fill you up quickly – but can pack quite a punch in terms of calories.

Curry Sausage Fries

The classic, also known as the “Manta Plate,” should not be missing in any waiting room. However, the fact that this ensemble contains hardly any nutrients but instead includes tons of unhealthy calories is not apparent from the snack from the cardboard bowl.

A portion of currywurst fries (approx. 300 grams) has an average of over 800 calories. If you also treat yourself to a dab of mayonnaise, this snack will quickly crack the 1000 calorie mark.

Only works for people who do hard physical work, such as scaffolders or lumberjacks.

But even then, Currywurst fries only provide a small number of vitamins, ballast, or vital substances – but a lot of saturated fatty acids.

Bun With Meat Loaf

There is a nice shortcut here too. The description of the handy snack as “LKW” (Leberkäs-Wecken) hits the nail on the head. With around 650 calories, this snack has long since had nothing to do with a sandwich.

With a good dose of sweet mustard or tartar sauce, you can easily add another 100 calories. This means that the “truck” has the same number of revolutions as a complete doner kebab.

American-Style Pizza From The Fast-Food Chain

A slice of the greasy deep-dish pizza already has 340 calories (depending on the topping) – or more. And let’s be honest: who gets complete from a piece of pizza? Strictly: It can be three or more pieces.

However, the calories shoot up so quickly that you quickly become dizzy. If you treat yourself to a soft drink, your daily calorie requirement is almost covered, but unfortunately, you haven’t eaten any healthy nutrients.  

Bratwurst In A Bun

Admittedly, the bratwurst is more of a “lean” option compared to the other front-runners in this Hall of Fame. However, this is made more difficult because the sausage in a bun is often misunderstood as a hearty snack.

With around 500 calories per serving, this “snack” is more calorically equivalent to the main meal, unfortunately, without feeling full.

Burgers And Co. 

Burgers, nuggets, and co. are probably the most popular snacks on the go when things have to be quick. Although the handy, fast food is quick to prepare and eat, it likes to snuggle up on your hips for a long time.

The most popular burger from a well-known fast-food chain easily clocks in at 600 calories. If you put the whole thing together as a menu, you add another 700 calories for a large fries and about 200 for a small coke – not to mention the sweet and sour sauce or mayonnaise.

At 1500 calories, this is an authentic one cheat meal- only after a few hours, you’ll be hungry again.

Healthier Alternatives For On The Go

If you want to eat healthy and fresh and know what is in your meals, there is probably no way around meal prep. Even if you have to plan a little more time in the evening the day before: you will see that it is worth it. If you don’t have the time, we have some alternatives to burgers, pizza, and meatloaf rolls for you.

Wrap Instead Of A Burger

Many fast-food chains and bakeries now also offer delicious wraps. Because of their higher vegetable content, they are not only significantly healthier than the greasy burgers; they also have fewer calories at a similar weight – on average, only 400.

Our tip: Save unnecessary calories by avoiding fried meat in your wrap and opt for the grilled or vegetarian version.

Steak Instead Of Bratwurst

If your appetite draws you to the bratwurst stand, opt for a grilled pork steak instead of a grilled sausage. With around 300 calories, the steak (approx. 150 grams) is a leaner alternative to the greasy link and will keep you full for longer.

In addition, do without the white roll and order a portion of coleslaw instead. This will also save you a few calories while maintaining the same feeling of satiety.

Pizza From Italy Instead Of “American Style.”

If you’re craving pizza, look out for an Italian place. In many train stations, the delicious thin Italian pizzas are now also offered “to go,” and here, you can at least eat your fill.

For example, a whole Italian pizza with Parma ham has a slim 720 calories. You could eat two pieces of the American version for that.

Fruit Salad And Yogurt Instead Of Croissants And Co

More and more bakers and kiosks have fresh fruit salads, muesli, or quark dishes in their range. So no more excuses: Instead of Franzbrötchen or cheese sticks, grab quark and muesli.

This has significantly fewer calories, with many more healthy nutrients, and keeps you full for a long time. With this, you start the day fit and full of energy, and the cravings for lunch are eaten. But be careful: Many of the supposedly “healthy” alternatives contain a lot of sugar.

Vegetable Doner Instead Of French Fries

At the kebab shop you trust, opt for the meatless version. Delicious grilled vegetables, feta, fried potatoes, and a portion of fresh garlic yogurt make your snack with only 360 calories, not only a much healthier and lower-calorie version of the popular fast food but also a real taste experience – good gut feeling included!


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