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The Five Biggest Mistakes When Air Drying Your Hair

Just let the mane air dry? Not a bad idea, at least if you know-how.

Quickly washed your hair in the morning? Most of the time, the desire to blow-dry already subsides, or the second is running out. Many then opt for the stopgap solution: air-dry their hair. However, there are a few things that you can do wrong.

Rub The Towel

Wash your hair, rub wet mane with a towel and then wrap it in a turban. Looks familiar to you? Us too: We bet that almost all women have dried their hair at least once. However, if you plan to air dry your hair, you should be very careful with the towel. The rough structure of the towel can lead to pebbles. Therefore, instead of rubbing, “press” and dry your hair.

Air Dry Hair Overnight

Take a quick shower before going to bed, and then go to bed with your hair wet? We have all done it before. But going to bed with damp hair is not a good idea. We were greeted by a dry but dishevelled Walle mane with small nodules the following day.

If you still want to dry your hair overnight, then our tip is to spread a little leave-in care in your hair and put on a shower cap. 

Forget About Care

Just because your air dries your hair, a little hair oil or leave-in products are ideal to avoid pods, split ends and curly hair. But be careful, don’t take too much care (especially not on the hairline ). Otherwise, the freshly washed hair will look greasy, and nobody wants that.

Comb Wet Hair

After washing our hair, our hair is naturally tousled. The urge to brush the hair is then particularly great. It would be best to suppress this urge because the hair is sensitive when wet. This is because damp hair is up to 50 per cent more elastic than when it is dry. So if you brush wet hair, it “loosens” it. A hair sin that damages our beautiful mane in the long run.

Tie Your Hair Up

With wet hair into the office? Then many reach for a hair tie. So you can quickly tie the mane into a ponytail. But as we have already learned: Wet hair is susceptible and tends to break soon. So if you connect the damp hair with a hair elastic, not only does it create an unsightly “kink“, but the coat also tears out quickly.

So use spiral bands like invisibobbles or tie your hair as loosely as possible.

So, these are the possible ways to take care of our hair. Most of the time, the desire to blow-dry already subsides, or the second is running out. There are many ways to dry our hair and many necessary things to take care of. There are some tips and suggestions that are explained above. Everyone should take personal care of their body and health. But be careful, don’t take too much maintenance (especially not on the hairline ).


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