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The Role Of Food In The Weight Loss Process

Many people seek food reeducation to lose weight. What they don’t know is that this is an opportunity to gain quality of life and better understand food’s role and effect on our lives. The best way to get in good shape is by dieting and acquiring healthy habits from food reeducation. And if you think only the selection of ingredients is enough, you are wrong! It is part of this process to establish mealtimes, chew correctly, not skip any mealtimes, and make all these practical everyday habits.

The Food And The Beauty

I don’t know if you know, but eating well helps – and a lot – with beauty! A healthy diet is an excellent ally in aesthetic issues. Nutrients and vitamins are essential to make skin smoother, hair more hydrated, and nails more robust when consumed regularly and in a balanced way. Each nutrient has a role in the body’s aesthetic process. The ideal consumption of it varies according to each person, and a nutritionist must study each case and define a diet that meets their demands.

Conscious Nutrition Education

Several studies have proven that a diet with nutritional deficiencies, with an excess of sugars, fat, and sodium, causes aesthetic changes in the body, in addition to the lack of nutrients in the body. That’s when the famous quote arrives. When considering food reeducation, it is not just weight loss that should be the focus. Let’s imagine this: you suffer from recurring inflammatory problems.

The medicine relieves the symptoms, but the pain returns when the effect wears off. You contribute even more to this situation if you eat fatty meats, sweets, sausages, canned goods, and alcoholic beverages. But if your meals are replaced by foods such as garlic, fish, and turmeric, among others (all in a balanced way and dosed by a nutritionist, don’t forget, huh!) over time, inflammation tends not to return after the medication takes effect.

But How Do You Know What To Eat?

The first step is to have motivation and a concrete goal. There is no point in adopting miracle diets or diets based on the food of the moment if there is no balance between nutrients and your needs. Food reeducation is not easy, so the process must be gradual. Changes will accompany you throughout your life, so don’t be in a hurry. It will generate anxiety and make you want to give up.

These Tips Are Essential!

When you want to eat better and be healthier, stay tuned for these tips:

  • Prioritize natural and organic foods;
  • Keep balance at every meal;
  • Eat at scheduled times;
  • Make a plan to lose weight;
  • Practice regular physical activities.

The Ministry of Health prepared a food guide. There are five elementary principles in the healthy eating process. Are they:

  • Food is more than nutrient intake;
  • Feeding recommendations should be in tune with your timing;
  • Adequate and healthy food derives from a socially and environmentally sustainable food system;
  • Different types of knowledge generate knowledge for the formulation of food guides;
  • Food guides expand autonomy in food choices.

Food And Aesthetics

When you face a diet, you must consider that if it is not done correctly, it will make you lose much more than weight. In addition to unwanted fat, essential nutrients may be eliminated, which will cause you to lack them, and the impacts will be visible. But how? When nails break easily or when hair becomes dull, for example, these are signs that the body gives that it lacks vitamins.

So far, you’ve got it all right. But you must be wondering: What should I eat? What foods will benefit my health and my body? We selected some of them that can give you an idea of ​​how important each one is and that together they make the body work properly! Let’s go to them:

Hair: To have beautiful, silky, and strong hair, you must have protein-rich foods in your diet. They are composed of amino acids such as keratin, which protect and strengthen the hair. You find proteins in fish, meat, eggs, milk, and their derivatives.

Skin: If you have a part of the body directly affected by food, it’s the skin! The body’s nutrients feed our skin, and if the diet is not healthy, it will miss them, losing its shine and elasticity. To avoid this, go after fiber, raw vegetables, fruits, milk, and lots of water. In addition to being considered light, these foods have essential minerals and vitamins that neutralize free radicals. 

Nails: Nails give several signs of a lack of nutrients in the body, and each of them needs to be fought with different foods. If your nails are dry and brittle, you need to eat foods that contain calcium (milk and dairy products, dark leafy vegetables, and fish). Zinc is missing when the nails are flaking around and have a grayish color. They are present in red meat, seafood, nuts, and poultry).

Did you see how food reeducation goes far beyond simply losing weight? To have a fit body, it is necessary to combine harmony and health. There is no point in fighting localized fat, cellulite, or sagging if the causes are not addressed. We hope you enjoyed reading this and that you remember our tips when you want to lose weight.


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