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These 8 Sports Tips Are Not Exhausting

Sport is exhausting, many claims. But it’s not true. You can also get fit in a relaxed way (e.g., by simply exercising less). Here is the proof

A Short Training Brings More

That’s great news for anyone who doesn’t know where to find the time to sweat an hour on the elliptical machine or cycle to shed stubborn pounds. Danish sports scientists from the University of Copenhagen have now shown in a study that you lose weight better if you only train for 30 minutes a day instead of 60. Why is that? According to the researchers, shorter training units gave the participants the energy and motivation for further movement in everyday life (e.g., climbing stairs). Those who exercised for an hour a day, on the other hand, felt too exhausted and burned out after their workout to exercise or eat healthily beyond their exercise regimen.

Music Is The Fitness Hit

If you find exercise just too tiring, let’s assume you haven’t listened to music yet. Please change immediately because a study by the Ruhr University in Bochum showed that music during sport reduces the perception of physical stress. The effect can be explained by the lack of acoustic feedback about the physical state of exhaustion. Or, to put it simply: You can no longer hear your panting.

Coffee Doesn’t Get You Tired Of A Workout That Easily

Anyone who takes two (intense) espressos before cycling or jogging. Increases endurance. That’s what scientists at the University of Guelph in Canada found out. Their explanation: Caffeine increases blood adrenaline levels and anaerobic energy production.

Motivate Friends

We already thought so. A survey by the German Sport University in Cologne also provides the evidence: Those who exercise with friends are more motivated, go to the gym more often, and drop out of fitness courses less often. For us, this means not only packing leggings and a towel for the Zumba class but also (continuing to) pack your girlfriend.

Starting In The Morning Is Worth It

According to the British Journal of Nutrition Study, you burn up to 20 percent more fat if you exercise before breakfast. Why is it like that? Blood sugar, insulin, and glycogen levels are still below normal after waking up, so the body is more likely to go to fat reserves.

Drinking Cocoa Is Good For The Muscles

The right mixture of carbohydrates and proteins in drinking chocolate accelerates the replenishment of energy stores – and thus muscle regeneration. This is the result of a large comparative study by Indiana University in Indianapolis. Pure protein or carbohydrate shakes are far less effective in this regard. How much cocoa you should drink depends on the intensity of your training. Nutritionists advise: 50 percent of the calories burned during exercise can be reabsorbed through chocolate milk.

Squats Are So Effective

Squatting while lifting two 3-pound dumbbells burns more calories than lifting the same weight with the leg press. Truman State University (USA) study shows why this is the case: more muscles have to be used for squats to prevent the dumbbells from wobbling when you lift them.

Outside Is Better Inside

The treadmill can’t keep up: a study by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in England found that those who exercise outside not only have more fun training but also have a more positive attitude. In addition, participants in the study reported that they found it easier to persevere and felt more satisfied after an outdoor workout than after an indoor session.


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