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So That It Stays Fresh For A Long Time: This Is The Right Trick To Store Ginger

Ginger is particularly popular during the cold season. To quickly get the immune system back on its toes in an emergency, it is best to always have a small supply at home. But what’s the best way to store ginger?

Ginger ranks at the top of household remedies for colds because the tuber contains many valuable nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

The Asian root is not only rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and potassium. Above all, it also contains important essential oils and the substances gingerols and rhizomes, which have an antibacterial effect and can prevent viruses from multiplying.

So it is worthwhile to stock up on ginger as a precaution when the colder season sets in. The ‘Yahoo lifestyle’ portal shows how ginger lasts for a particularly long time.

Chill Or Freeze The Ginger

Ginger should be kept chilled and ideally covered – in a can, for example.

It would help if you briefly patted the area dry with a paper towel before putting it back in the refrigerator where you cut the root. The cut piece will last longer.

In principle, however, the following applies: once cut, ginger does not last as long as fresh ginger – at least not in the refrigerator.

If you want to keep ginger almost indefinitely, you should start freezing.

To do this, put the unpeeled ginger in a freezer bag or other freezer-proof container to avoid frost burn.

Frozen ginger is easier to prepare because the texture is easier to cut and grate.

Anything that has not been used can easily be put back in the freezer until the next time needed.

Positive Effects Of Ginger

Ginger can’t just be used to prevent colds. The herbal remedy from China is also of great importance in treating other health problems.

In Case Of Nausea

Pregnant women in particular benefit from this: According to an overview of twelve studies published in the specialist magazine ‘Nutrition Journal,’ in which a total of 1,278 pregnant women participated, just 1.5 grams of ginger can significantly alleviate nausea outbreaks.

As A Blood Sugar Lowering Agent

Initial study results from the  Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research from 2015 suggest that ginger could help people with diabetes.

In 41 participants with type 2 diabetes, two grams of ginger per day lowered their fasting blood sugar by twelve percent.

If The Cholesterol Is Too High

A study by researchers from the Department of Pharmacology and  Babol Medical University in Iran found that taking ginger powder resulted in a significant reduction in cholesterol levels in 85 people with high cholesterol.

In addition, ginger, with its blood circulation-promoting effect, helps create a pleasant feeling of warmth in the cold.

Theoretically, you can’t stock up enough with the healthy all-rounder over the winter months. However, caution is advised when dosing the tuber because too much ginger can be dangerous.


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