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What Can I Or Cannot Eat At Night?

Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about having a balanced and nutritious menu, but they still have doubts. One of the biggest questions about food is what you can and cannot eat at night. Do you also get confused about having your last meal of the day?

Much is said about dinner, but is it all true or are there myths behind it? With that in mind, we brought this post, which aims to clarify, once and for all, which foods are allowed and which ones should be avoided at dusk. Curious? So, read on and check it out!

Why Is Dinner Important?

Some time ago, there was a rumor that dinner promotes weight gain, but this is not true. This meal is as important as the others and should be part of the menu. What happens is that overeating at this time can cause you to exceed the ideal number of calories for the day, and as the body will probably not spend this excess, fat can accumulate.

However, if dinner is within the nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčstipulated for your body, it is okay to eat at night. On the contrary, consuming a balanced dish can offer your body the nutrients it needs to perform its resting functions, such as repairing tissues, building muscles, producing hormones and defense cells, and others.

What To Eat For Dinner?

Although eating at night is okay and is important, you have to be concerned about what foods you will consume. Remember that the body will be at rest and will work at a slower pace. Therefore, the lighter and more nutritious the dish, the better your body will utilize the nutrients, working peacefully. Below, check out some tips:

  • vegetables should be preferred and can be accompanied by whole grains, such as quinoa;
  • sandwiches with whole grain bread are welcome, as long as they contain fresh and easily digestible ingredients, such as a grain burger, leafy greens and tofu;
  • Brown rice with legumes such as peas, chickpeas, and lentils is also allowed. 
  •  Try to vary;
  • for those who are ovo-lacto vegetarians, an omelet with vegetables is a great option;
  • tapioca with light fillings, such as white cheese or tofu, is also nutritious;
  • pancakes with wholegrain or oat pasta are very healthy;
  • low-fat vegetable broths and creams are great alternatives;

What Not To Eat At Night?

Some foods should be avoided at night, especially 2 hours before bed. This is when our metabolism slows down, so our digestion must be facilitated so as not to harm sleep and rest. Avoid fried foods, sweets, snacks, stuffed cookies, instant noodles and other pasta with refined flours.

There’s another rumor that you should avoid carbs at night, but back to nutritional balance, if the amount is within the daily value, there’s no problem. However, it is always interesting to look for healthy and whole grain versions.

What to eat at night is one of the most common questions. The ideal is to bet on light meals and avoid heavy digestion foods and exaggeration in quantity. To help you on your mission to have a healthy dinner, bet on the Healthy Frozen Balsam dishes, which are nutritious, balanced and made with 100% natural ingredients.

After understanding a little about some eating disorders and the habit of eating at night work, here are some tips on what you can eat during this period without weight on your conscience, as long as your diet during the day has also been balanced.

The foods suggested below will help you get restful sleep, keep you from gaining weight and help prevent digestive problems. The big key is maintaining adequate nutrition throughout the day and being careful with the portions and nutritious quality of what you consume.


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