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5 Practical Ways To Consume Some Ingredients In The Diet

Maintaining a diet can be challenging, even more so when the training intensity is high and requires more nutrients for our body’s proper functioning and response. It is at this time that consultation with a nutritionist becomes indispensable.

Different from what was thought in the distant past, nutritional supplements are indicated for more than just the bodybuilder athlete or individuals with intense physical training. The food supplement must be addressed, considering the benefits obtained if applied correctly.

After all, only this professional will know how to indicate the correct elements and amounts daily to achieve your results with health and efficiency. Food supplements are an alternative to several of these foods; they ensure that concentrated nutrients are consumed at strategic times. After consulting the nutritionist about your body’s needs, check out our list of 5 excellent options to ensure more practicality and enjoy the best foods.

Egg With Albumin

Instead of betting on large amounts of egg and, in many cases, eliminating the yolks in recipes, albumin is one of the best options. One of the main questions is about what pure albumin is. This supplement is produced using egg whites, ensuring that you have access to the best properties of this ingredient. Thus, you guarantee the amount of protein your body needs for increasingly intense workouts. Talk to the nutritionist when in doubt between egg whites or albumin and ask which option best fits your schedule. The results will be excellent, you’ll see.

Sweet Potato Powder

The same happens with sweet potatoes, one of the favorites of those who work out. It has become the ingredient in the lunchbox of any marimba and can also be consumed through a supplement. The price is excellent, and its practicality conquers anyone. After all, with just one measure of the product, you guarantee the complex carbohydrates and nutrients that would be present in a large number of potatoes.

Whey Protein In Sweets

Whey Protein is also one of the stars of supplementation. Its popularity has been growing so much that it is already possible to find recipes with this ingredient in cafeterias and several other places. Whey recipe options are excellent for those who have that difficulty controlling sugar and candy consumption. You kill the urge to eat something sweet and, at the same time, guarantee essential nutrients for training and also gain muscle mass.

Whey Protein can be considered not only a regular protein source but a functional protein source due to the benefits it can offer not only to performance but also in various aspects related to the organism. Physical activity practitioners find this protein source the best stimulus to protein synthesis and prevention of muscle catabolism due to its rapid digestion, composition rich in bioactive peptides, and essential amino acids in particular branch chain ones. This is the best post-workout protein bodybuilder supplement on the market.

Casein When Sleeping

Originating from milk, casein is a protein of high biological value. The difference between Whey Protein is the absorption time, which is much longer. Therefore, it has become a strategic element to fit throughout the day and ensure an excellent amount of protein in the body. It is generally indicated to be taken before bed, ensuring digestion during sleep and avoiding moments of catabolism. She becomes, therefore, much better than that glass of milk before bed.


If the issue is micronutrients, multivitamin supplementation is worth thinking about. This product brings together reasonable amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially for the body of athletes. That’s because workouts make the demand for these nutrients more significant during workouts and recovery. You can guarantee this support through a single product: a single capsule to help your routine and significantly improve your performance. Talk to your nutritionist to find options that will benefit your routine.

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