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Soft And Simple Apple Pie: Classic Recipe (Grandma’s Apple Pie)

Soft apple cake, or simply apple cake, is the classic apple dessert typical of the homemade tradition and the most loved among homemade cakes! Simple to make, based on all genuine ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, and many pieces of apple, which give a very soft and moist consistency that melts when bitten and an unmistakable scent! Follow this apple pie recipe, accompanied by all the tips illustrated with step-by-step photos, and you will bring a perfect apple pie to the table! 

The best, fastest, and softest in the world, just like grandma’s apple pie, which immediately takes you back to childhood, is the favorite of adults and children! Like any traditional preparation, there are many versions. Today, I’m giving you the classic apple pie recipe I inherited from my grandmother, Ida, my dad’s mother! It is an easy, quick, versatile, and guaranteed-to-be successful preparation! To make it, you can use all the types of apples you have available! Renette, Fuji, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith.

Even a mix of them all! Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, decorate with lots of apple slices, and in 15 minutes, it’s ready to bake! Make an apple pie without butter by adding oil; add chocolate or dried fruit inside and on the surface; or even make the dough with yogurt or ricotta. The result will be unique: a very soft apple pie, sometimes creamy, thanks to the fruit, which releases all its juice and flavor when cooked! With an inebriating scent and extraordinary deliciousness! 

In two words: the most delicious apple pie ever! Perfect for breakfast or as a genuine fruit-based snack, it immediately becomes a delicious post-dinner dessert, perhaps alongside good coffee, a delicious hot chocolate, or a few spoonfuls of Creme Anglaise or scoops of ice cream! Prepare it soon; I’m sure it will quickly become your favorite apple pie! The one to do and do again on every occasion!

Apple Pie Recipes

  1. Apple pie (Grandma Duck’s American recipe: a crunchy brisé shell filled with cinnamon apples)
  2. Tarte Tatin (typical of the French tradition: caramelized apples inverted on a crunchy base)
  3. Apple tart (with a melt-in-your-mouth shortcrust pastry base, custard, and apples)
  4. Apple crumble (very quick and super easy; it’s all done by hand; it’s ready in the oven in just a few minutes!)
  5. Vegan apple cake (egg-free and lactose-free, soft and delicious, ideal for intolerants and vegans)
  6. Gluten-free apple cake (soft base with rice flour, perfect for celiacs and intolerants)

Apple Pie Recipe

  1. Preparation: 10 minutes
  2. Cooking: 45 minutes
  3. Total: 55 minutes


  1. quantity for eight people: 1 openable mold with a diameter of 24 cm.
  2. Three apples (Arnette, Pink Lady, or whatever you prefer)
  3. 200 g of ’00 flour
  4. 50 g of melted butter (or 50 g of sunflower seed oil)
  5. 150g of granulated sugar
  6. Two large eggs at room temperature
  7. 200 ml of cooking cream (which you can replace with an equal quantity of ricotta, Greek yogurt, mascarpone, or 120 g of milk) at room temperature
  8. One sachet of baking powder (16 g)
  9. One sachet of vanillin or the seeds of a vanilla bean or vanilla extract
  10. grated lemon peel (optional)
  11. Two tablespoons vanilla icing sugar + one generous teaspoon ground cinnamon (before baking)
  12. One tablespoon icing sugar (for dusting the cooked cake)


How To Make A Soft Apple Pie

First of all, whip the eggs with sugar and vanilla very well with the help of an electric whisk, and if you want, peel the lemon for at least 3 minutes at a very high speed until you obtain a light and frothy mixture. Then add the now-cold melted butter or oil and continue mixing with the whisk.

Finally, add spoonfuls of the flour, previously mixed with the sifted yeast, alternating it with spoonfuls of cream at room temperature. Always mix at medium speed until the ingredients are used up. The raw dough must be full-bodied, velvety, not liquid, nor too fluid! If you have respected the doses, it will be exactly like this. Then, wash the apples, dry them, peel them, and cut them into slices. Finally, place the dough in an openable pan, previously buttered and floured. Level the dough so that there are no bumps.

Finally, arrange the apple slices in a circle, starting from the outside and sinking them slightly.

Once the first round of apples has been completed, do a second round and, finally, the third, where you will place the apples in the center. Occupy all the available spaces, trying to maintain the concentric “design,” leaving the last apples slightly higher without sinking them too much! 

Mix icing sugar and cinnamon: Sprinkle the surface of your apple pie with the freshly made mixture. Don’t leave any empty spaces!

Perfectly Cooked Apple Pie

Bake your apple pie in a static oven that is very hot, in the central part at 180° for about 45 minutes. The time is indicative and may change by a few minutes, depending on the oven you have. Always do the toothpick test before taking the cake out of the range. Remove from the oven, open the pan, and let your soft apple pie cool out of the mold for at least 30 minutes. 

Sprinkles of icing sugar: Very smooth and delicious slices that, with every bite, are the memory of grandma’s apple pie! Accompany them in a good heat! Store the apple pie. You can store ideally at room temperature for 3 – 4 days. Assuming it lasts! It is better if covered with a cake dome. You can freeze it in slices and defrost it slowly if necessary, first in the fridge and then at room temperature! Also excellent heated in the microwave

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