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6 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Better In The Morning

Admittedly, when the alarm goes off in the morning, exercise is often pretty much the last thing on your mind. But overcoming it is worthwhile because morning exercise has many health benefits and shed pounds.

Regular exercise and sport are essential to staying fit, healthy, slim and productive – this should be clear to everyone. But does it have to be early in the morning?

Of course, everyone has to decide what the best time of day for a workout is for them. However, overcoming yourself right at the start of the day can have several advantages over training in the evening.

These six arguments could convince even morning grouches and morning exercise haters to give morning exercise a chance.

The Brain Becomes More Efficient

In the morning, many have only one thing on their mind: the first coffee of the day. Before the caffeine flows through the veins, the cells in the upstairs room also seem to be in bed.

Morning exercise gets the brain moving at least as well as coffee: As Stefan Schneider, a brain researcher at the Sport University Cologne, sport promotes concentration and logical thinking – and that even for up to ten hours.

Circulation And Blood Flow Are Stimulated

After exercise, the metabolism works at full speed; calories can be burned faster and more efficiently. Morning exercise is therefore particularly recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight.

Sporting activity also results in better blood circulation in the cardiovascular system.

The body is then better supplied with oxygen – and the supply of nutrients to the muscles is also stimulated.

All of this ensures that you become more alert and fitter overall. So you can start the day more powerfully after the training session.

Suppose you want to get your circulation and blood flow going but cannot even imagine doing morning exercise. In that case, you can achieve a similar effect with a cold shower or alternating shower.

Exercising On An Empty Stomach Promotes Weight Loss

Many runners struggle with heartburn or side stitch after eating a large meal during the day and exercising later.

The problem can be avoided by exercising specifically in the morning before the first meal.

Exercise on an empty stomach also has positive effects on weight loss: If you do exercise before the first meal of the day, the body has to fall back on existing fat reserves for energy since it lacks the glucose absorbed through food.

After morning exercise, you should have a healthy and balanced breakfast to replenish your energy reserves for the day.

Running Track Is Empty (s)

In particular, the most popular running routes at rush hour are more like a motorway in cities. Spontaneous sprints or running side by side? Often not possible at all.

In the morning, however, you usually have the route to yourself. This makes it easier to switch off and let your legs do the work without having to worry about complicated evasive maneuvers.

There Is More Time In The Evening

Those who use the morning hours for training have more time for other hobbies in the evening and no longer have to fob off their friends with sentences like “Unfortunately I can’t tonight, I go to sport”. 

While others are still torturing themselves to training after a long day, you can be sure that you have already done all of your “duties”. It’s just a great feeling.

But then you have to go to bed a little earlier because you got up early for the training session. Regeneration is important so that the muscles can grow overnight and stay fit and productive.

One Is Admired

Admittedly, it shouldn’t just be admiration and appreciation from colleagues and friends that inspire you to do sports in the morning. But seriously: who doesn’t like to be praised for their discipline? 

“Wow, I could never do that!” And other expressions of admiration help ensure that you are motivated. 


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