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9 Myths And Truths About Body Detox

The detox diet was created to detoxify the body of toxins absorbed by the body, especially after the rampant consumption of unhealthy foods. What happens to the body is that many substances present in meals, drinks, medications and even the environment are harmful, and the detox diet proposes to contribute to eliminating these toxins, rebalancing the organism.

However, does the detox diet work? How does it eliminate toxins from the body? Therefore, in this text, we will know the main myths and truths about body detox and understand if this method benefits the body.

How Is A Detox Diet?

The basis of the detox diet is a dietary restriction based on low-calorie intake and consumption of organic and low-fat foods. Additionally, industrialized products and foods high in salt and chemical additives should be avoided for a good detoxifying diet. 

However, many people do not know that many detox diets can have illusory promises related to rapid weight loss, harming those who want to lose weight with health and constancy. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the myths and truths about the detox diet to avoid falling into false expectations. 

What You Should Know About Detox Diets 

First of all, despite having this name, no diet has a detox or detoxifying effect. 

That’s because the toxins we ingest throughout the day are processed and worked on by our kidneys, liver and other organs responsible for the healthy functioning of our body. The human body’s natural detoxification is nothing more than the set of metabolic reactions that process toxins enough to be expelled from the body through urine or other forms of excretion.

Therefore, knowing the myths and truths about body detox is essential not to be deceived by fake news related to this type of diet.

The Diet Can Be Done Indefinitely – MYTH

The detox diet can harm health if followed for a long period due to the dietary restrictions of the method. 

Restrictive diets, such as detox, when prolonged, cause metabolic stress to the body, resulting in more harm to health than benefits.

The Detox Diet Contributes To The Functioning Of The Organism – TRUE

The detox diet can benefit the body’s functioning when performed correctly, for the recommended time and with specialized monitoring.

By restricting foods that are more toxic to the body, such as dairy products, and investing in natural foods rich in vitamins, the body has an easier time with the natural detoxification process.

Green Juice Can Replace Meals – MYTH

This is one of the big questions regarding the myths and truths about body detox. Many people reduce the detox diet to the intake of green juice, even replacing the day’s main meals.

However, this practice could be healthier. Replacing meals with green juice can have serious consequences for the body since a liquid diet does not provide all the nutrients necessary to function and can cause the body to become unbalanced.

Green Juices Speed Up Metabolism – TRUE

Yes, many of the recipes for green juices on the detox diet, which can be ingested as long as they do not replace meals, contain thermogenic ingredients.

With this, there is an increase in body temperature, causing digestion to consume more energy, which results in accelerated metabolism that facilitates the burning of calories.

The Detox Diet Promotes Weight Loss – IT DEPENDS

The detox diet is better suited to detoxify the body after abusing food or drinking alcohol, for example, than to lose weight.

Despite this, it can contribute to healthy weight loss if accompanied by a specialist, with adequate intake of nutrients and meals and without resorting exclusively to detox juice.

The Practice Of Physical Exercises Is Beneficial For Body Detox – TRUE

Yes, one of the principles of the detox diet is that it is combined with practicing physical exercises, especially after ingesting thermogenic teas or juices that help burn calories.

This is a pillar of healthy weight loss since weight gain is often associated with a sedentary lifestyle, which also has negative consequences for the body as a whole.

Weight Loss Is Permanent – ​​MYTH

No diet can provide quick and permanent weight loss. Always be wary of this kind of promise!

Due to food restrictions and reduced calorie intake, the detox diet can result in weight loss. However, since the detox diet should be brief, as you reinsert food into your routine, you tend to gain weight again.

The ideal recommendation for permanent weight loss is to resort to dietary reeducation. This practice does not involve the abrupt withdrawal of food groups but aims at more awareness of the choice of foods. Therefore, this option promotes a gradual and definitive change that is healthier.

Drinking Water Helps With Detoxification – TRUE

One of the benefits of the detox diet is that it encourages water consumption, including through teas and juices.

Adequate daily water consumption is one of the main allies in the body’s natural detoxification processes, metabolic functioning and weight control.

Thus, the recommendation is to ingest 0.35 ml of water per kg of body. With that, a person weighing 65 kg, for example, should drink 2.27 liters of water daily, including teas and juices.

A Detox Diet Is A Healthy Way To Lose Weight – IT DEPENDS

The big question for many people is whether the detox diet is a healthy option for losing weight. That depends on factors such as specialized monitoring; enough meals; duration of the diet; association with other care, such as exercise.

The ideal recommendation is to have a specialized medical follow-up if you want to lose weight, including checking if other treatments can deliver the expected result. Some people opt for liposuction, tummy tuck and mastopexy to get the desired physique.

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