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Attention, Fattening Up! 5 Secret Calorie Traps To Avoid

Proper nutrition is essential to ensure success in losing weight. However, some foods are real calorie traps, even though they are supposed to be healthy. Attention, hidden fatteners lurk here!

Many foods are advertised as healthy even though they are not – due to added sugar or a high-fat content; they can quickly become secret fattening foods.

The mean thing: You think you’re eating healthy – but it’s not doing your body any good.

You should therefore avoid these five calorie traps.

Ready-Made Dressings

Ready-made dressings and sauces quickly turn a healthy snack into a small heavyweight. The often greasy dressings are often secret sugar and, therefore, real calorie bombs.

Our tip: Make the dressing yourself and take it with you in a small container. This can save a lot of unnecessary calories.

Fruit Yogurt

A 250-gram cup of fruit yogurt quickly reaches 235 calories. You forget to eat a giant chocolate bar or a sandwich with a quick spoon in between meals

Our tip: flavor enhancers and sugar by simply mixing the yogurt yourself. You can use small amounts of honey or agave syrup for sweetening. Not only is it healthier than sugar, but it also tastes better. 

Cold Cuts

Depending on the type, even a tiny portion of sausage can become fattening. Liver sausage (340 Kcal / 100 g) and salami (400 Kcal / 100 g) have it all.

Our tip: use turkey breast or lean ham. With only 100 Kcal / 100 g, both types are delicious lightweights on bread.


Crispy chocolate, fruit muesli & Co. are real calorie traps. The quantities on the packaging are also confusing: 80 grams of muesli quickly end up in the bowl – according to the manufacturer, this corresponds to 2.5 servings.

With around 350 calories per bowl, this sugary breakfast is anything but an easy and healthy start to the day.

Food Supplements

A  protein bar or a quick shake after exercising is not necessarily a healthy snack. If you take a look at the list of ingredients, you will rarely find a natural element.

When comparing calories, these products often do not do any better than many conventional chocolate bars.

Therefore, if you crave sweets, it is more advisable to use natural snacks such as natural yogurt with a bit of honey and fruit.


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