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Avoiding Wasp Stings: How To Behave Correctly

Unfortunately, in addition to sunshine, bathing fun and high temperatures, wasps are somehow part of summer. Insects are in high season right now and can quickly become a nuisance. What helps against aggressive wasps?

In midsummer, they are suddenly everywhere; August is characterized by annoying wasps that lurk wherever there is delicious food or drink.

The wasp colony is fully grown at this time; the older wasps no longer have to look after the offspring – and it sets out on its own in search of sugary drinks and juicy grilled meat.

This is not only annoying but can also be downright dangerous for allergy sufferers.

With these tips, you can protect yourself from stings and fend off annoying wasps.

What Attracts Wasps?

Wasps like it sweet and meaty, which is why they quickly become uninvited guests when barbecuing or sitting together over cake.

People are entirely uninterested in the insects – they only care about the food. Wasps will eat anything with a high protein and sugar content.

Once they have found it, they are happy to share this information with their people – as a result, more and more wasps join them.

Killing Wasps Only Makes The Plague Bigger

Killing wasps is not a good idea – if they died,

“If you kill a wasp, the others only become more aggressive, “If you try to hit the insect with a newspaper, it becomes more aggressive and the risk of begging increases.

The expert also advises against traps, for example, with lemonade. When a wasp dies in agony, it emits pheromones, which attracts other wasps, only compounding the problem.

In addition, wasps are under nature protection – simply removing a wasp nest is not permitted and can be punished with a fine.

What Helps Against Wasps In The Short Term

  • Coffee

The wasp finds the smell of the dark beans repulsive. If you want to sit down on your balcony at home with a cup of coffee in the morning without being disturbed, you can do so with confidence.

  • Lemon With

cloves Pierce a halved lemon with the cloves – the intense smell of the spice keeps the wasps away.

  • Essential Oils

It doesn’t matter whether it’s peppermint or tea tree oil – the pests give up quickly and leave the barbecue buffet.

  • Glass Trick

Has the wasp stubbornly joined you? Then it helps to put a glass over her body and only release her after the picnic has been eaten. On the other hand, one should refrain from killing or waving away. The latter makes the insect aggressive and can cause it to sting.

Which Helps Against Wasps In The Long Term

  • Plants that are hostile to wasps

Lavender,  mint and lemon balm make a good visual impression and are strategically placed so that wasps do not appear as uninvited guests at a summer barbecue.

  • Removing

fallen fruit If you have an apple or other fruit trees in your garden, you should remove fallen fruit. If you can no longer use them for compote or a fruit cake, they should be disposed of as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will soon attract wasps.

  • Serve

the right way In the park or on the balcony, you should only unpack food and drinks when you are about to eat them. Leftovers should be cleared away quickly afterwards.

Dealing With A Wasp Stings

If a wasp has stung despite all defense mechanisms, it is excruciating – and can also be dangerous.

In the vicinity of a wasp nest, the pheromones released by the sting attract conspecifics. So it would help if you moved away quickly.

A wasp sting can cause circulatory problems, nausea, or very severe swelling in allergy sufferers. Therefore, the puncture site should be closely monitored to consult a doctor in an emergency. This is especially true for people who are only suspected of having an allergy.

After a sting, the injected protein chains should be neutralized. This works, for example, with sliced ​​lemon or onion.

The stinger does not usually get stuck but should otherwise be removed before you begin cooling the swelling.


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