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Beautiful Skin: That Is The Secret Of Pure Skin!

How do I fight impurities? Does Sugar Wrinkle? We answer the 7 most important questions for pure and beautiful skin and have care tips.

That’s it: stop the time, don’t age any further – at least in the face. Research is being carried out in two directions: Creams with free radical scavengers, antioxidants are supposed to prevent wrinkles. And the repair is done by substances that attach directly to the collagen metabolism, stimulate cells to produce themselves, and plump up fine lines.

Beautiful, Pure Skin: The Essential Active Ingredients

Vitamins, coenzymes, fruit acids, and moisturizers are the most important anti-aging ingredients. But when do we need them? And what can we do to keep skin firm for as long as possible – with exercise, for example? We answer the seven most important questions!

Beautiful Skin: When Do The First  Wrinkles Appear?

In the late twenties and early thirties, the skin slowly loses its supporting collagen. Drinking nights, party cigarettes, and not enough sleep suddenly leave traces on your face. “Prevention is always better than cure,” says expert Prof. Dr. Axt-Gadermann (author of “Why roller coaster rides make driving more attractive and chocolate protects against wrinkles,” Herbig-Verlag). “However, when people are twenty, they have all sorts of things on their minds, just not anti-aging.” Bitter: The lifestyle at this age is still noticeable ten years later.

Tip for your best skin: Remove make-up thoroughly after every party and get enough sleep because the body needs relaxation to activate its self-healing powers.

Are Anti Aging Creams Useful At A Young Age?

The classic anti-aging products are usually too rich and too wealthy for young skin. Their formulation is tailored to the skin’s needs from forty and is more likely to cause pimples and blackheads in younger people. However, one of the leading causes of early wrinkling is dry skin. It is better to take care of them early with moisturizing products. And: “At the age of 25, sun protection and not smoking are the most important ways to prevent wrinkles, “advises the dermatologist.

After all, 80 percent of all wrinkles on the face are due to UV rays, or more precisely to the free radicals that occur when sunbathing without sun protection. So: press the tube from March to October and always use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.

Can I Get Clean Skin From Within?

That’s fine! Fighting skin problems with peelings and the like is unfortunately not enough in most cases. The stubborn impurities are often much deeper! This is mainly due to our metabolism, in which “waste products” are created through the breakdown and build-up processes within the body’s cells. These are excreted via one of our most important detoxification organs, the skin. Pollutants from environmental influences, medication, and luxury foods are also partly smuggled out of our bodies through the pores. Too many toxins are therefore quickly noticeable in our skin.

The visible consequences: pimples, blackheads, and a pale complexion. To declare war on harmful substances, we should activate our body’s detoxification process. In this way, impurities cannot arise in the first place. With the help of the power of plants, this is even very easy: all-natural fresh plant juices from nettles or dandelions have a dehydrating effect and thus lead metabolic end products out of the body. Teas made from birch leaves and special fasting teas also ensure increased drainage.

Active Metabolism Tea

A good fasting tea should contain birch leaves, nettle leaves, horsetail, yarrow, and orthosiphon leaves. The interaction of these components is particularly effective. A little tip:  teas from pharmacies are most effective! 

Which Sport Ensures Clean Skin?

Running, cycling, Nordic walking – endurance sports in daylight ensure fresh color on the cheeks thanks to the high oxygen supply. Psychologists from St. Andrews found that most people find a “sporty complexion” beautiful. The oxygen content in the blood determines how rosy and healthy someone looks.

In any case, when doing sport, the increased blood circulation stimulates the regeneration of the skin and reduces biological age. But: “Don’t overdo it,” advises Dr. Ax-Gadermann. “Too much sport produces free radicals and releases stress hormones that favor wrinkles.” Extreme exertion such as marathons is considered too much, and it becomes critical when more than 3000 calories a week are consumed by the sport.

Does Sugar Age Beautiful Skin Faster?

Hard but true: sugar not only damages your figure, but it also makes wrinkles. “The excess sugar adheres to the collagen fibers of the skin, binds them together, and makes them inelastic,” the expert knows. “In this way, skin fibers can tear apart and break. Scientists speak of ‘glycation.’ “

Therefore: Steer clear of sweets and watch out for hidden sugars such as fructose in lemonades when eating. If in doubt, better eat a piece of fruit! This kills two birds with one stone because the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables fight harmful free radicals and thus help the skin. Incidentally, green tea contains a considerable number of substances with an antioxidant effect.

How Does Pollution Affect Clean Skin?

Experts rate our influence from pollution as considerable for the respiratory tract and the skin, which is directly exposed to it and serves as a gateway into the organism. The measured values ​​are, especially in cities, above what is reasonable, depending on the weather and traffic.

Excellent dust, i.e., soot particles from diesel engines, industrial plants, cruise ships, and fireworks, is particularly harmful to health. And it attacks not only the airways but also the skin, together with free radicals, which are also produced by exhaust gases. If UV radiation is added, it is a dangerous attack on the skin’s youthfulness, beauty, and health.

How Do I Prevent My Skin From Aging Prematurely Despite Fine Dust?

  1. “The first step in skincare that arises from the problem of air pollution is a mild but effective facial cleansing that mechanically removes the finest particles on the skin. Twice a day, “says Dr. Simone Presto, Senior Medical Advisor at Beiersdorf. A care product belongs on cleansed skin – by the way, also for men.
  2. Dr. Presto recommends products with hyaluronic acid in combination with saponin, which stimulates the skin’s hyaluronic acid production. Plus, anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing ingredients such as Licochalcone A in combination with antioxidants. You should also always pay attention to sufficient sun protection!

Wrinkles Caused By Smartphones?

High Energy Visible Light is a discovery in dermatological research. Displays of smartphones, tablets, modern flat screens, and LED and halogen lights contain a lot of HEV light. There is evidence that this artificial blue light is affecting the skin. Display filters, warm light lamps, a diet with plenty of antioxidants (vegetables, fruit), and cosmetics with these radical scavengers help against this.

Vitamin E, labeled as tocopherol and glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice root, is very suitable. And walks in the woods without a digital connection. Breathe oxygen-rich air, relax, listen to the noises, absorb the scents of the forest and stimulate your blood circulation with a brisk step. Free, effective anti-pollution strategy!


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