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Beautiful Teeth And The First Impression

It is not for nothing that it is said that there is no second chance to make a first impression. Here we humans are unconsciously committed to our evolutionary heritage. Because in troubled pre-civilization times, the ability to assess a stranger with relative certainty in fractions of a second made the difference between life and death. In practice, this approach has the effect that the first impression is just as stable as the speed at which it is created.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to correct an unfavorable overall impression through subsequent behavior. What’s more, if the first impression is successful, it is so strong that the impressed counterpart hardly notices negative qualities that reveal themselves over time. The first impression is crucial for career, partner choice, and relationship maintenance. Beautiful teeth are essential for the first impression. This is the deeper reason for the significant importance that aesthetic dental health already has in dentistry. Anyone who has a radiant smile will win others over to themselves.

The Symbolism Of Beautiful Teeth

Beautiful teeth are flawless, symmetrical, and have a balanced red and white aesthetic. Because healthy, brightly shining gums are the red side of the same coin in dental aesthetics. Beautiful teeth stand for health, youth and vitality. Other associations relate to positive characteristics such as competence, intelligence, strength, authenticity, and balance. The radiant white smiles of the Hollywood greats, who attach great importance to their dental health and care and who have helped out in one place or another with aesthetic dentistry, set standards worldwide. The typical toothpaste smile of simple Americans in their better times is also proverbial.

What Do The Studies Say?

What most people have always suspected has now been proven by studies. 81% of people stated that other people’s beautiful teeth are their most attractive business cards. Almost as many, namely 80%, first look at the mouth of the other person when they get to know each other. Another study bears witness to how appearance is decisive for assessing others. According to her, formation accounts for 60% of the overall impression, while voice is far less important at 32% and the content of what is said at 8%.

What If The Teeth Are Bad?

The opposite impression of beautiful teeth arises with bad teeth. First, this is because brown, rotten, crooked, and possibly incomplete teeth are not only unsightly but also a deterrent. Those with bad teeth are irrevocably given a bad name and associated with unwelcome characteristics such as laziness, ugliness, antisocialist, and poverty. What’s more, in addition to the unfavorable and ragged appearance, there are other problem areas with bad teeth: Bad teeth are, in fact, a gateway for bacteria, the decomposition work of which causes bad breath, which has a devastating effect on first contact, as does the unsightly appearance of rotten teeth. 

The bacteria, in turn, initially proliferate in the teeth but, over time, can penetrate the body and attack the entire organism. After all, bad teeth create a vicious cycle. Because someone who has terrible teeth usually wants to hide them. As a result, he smiles less and can therefore be dismissed as suspicious and withdrawn. The fact that something about one’s body needs to be hidden from others undermines all self-confidence.

Conclusion: Healthy And Beautiful Teeth Go Together

Beauty and health are closely related when it comes to dental health. In both cases, the dentist can help, who not only helps to ensure that the teeth remain healthy but who can also design his interventions on the teeth in such a way that the fillers correspond to the ideal optical impression of beautiful teeth and are not Foreign bodies that unmistakably signal to other people that the dentist already had to intervene when the teeth were set.


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