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Oral Health: 5 Everyday Habits That Harm Your Teeth

A dental surgeon lists the main habits responsible for causing damage to oral health. Understand the importance of letting go of them once and for all

Indeed you’ve already bitten your nails. Or so she put the pen’s tip in her mouth while she needed to think. If you haven’t done any of these, you must have chewed your pencil at some point in your life. All these are examples of habits that can be present in our daily lives, often without us realizing it. Unfortunately, they pose risks to oral health.

“In general, everyone keeps an eye on the usual recommendations, such as brushing our teeth after meals and flossing daily, but anything that, in one way or another, impacts our teeth or interferes with our oral cavity has potential. To cause problems”, explains the dentist.

The specialist points out that, as many of these habits are commonplace, it is essential to be aware daily to avoid fractures or infections when least expected. Check out the five most commonly practiced habits that can harm oral health:

5 Habits To Break Today

Biting Nails, Sucking My Thumb, Picking Teeth, Biting Pens Or Pencils 

“All this is very bad because it cracks the tooth enamel, wears and can break not only the teeth but also the resin restorations”, warns Dr.

Forgetting To Change Your Toothbrush Periodically 

“Many people have doubts about the right time for this replacement, but if you notice that the bristles are bending, this is the time because, in addition to failing to fulfill the cleaning function, it can start to hurt the gum”, alert. The dental surgeon.

Abusing Medicated Mouthwashes 

“We have several types of products, it’s okay to use those made just to give that taste and fresh breath sensation in your daily mouthwash, but mouthwashes with specific properties, such as those used to control fungi and bacteria in the mouth or protect against dental sensitivity treatment, only the dentist can indicate, as they can have adverse effects”, .

Clenching Your Teeth During Physical And Sports Activities 

“This is a hazardous habit and the one that breaks teeth and restorations the most. So, if you notice that you have this habit, look for your dentist to develop a protector or a device that protects the teeth properly during the workout”, 

Dinner Too Late And Excessive Use Of Tranquillizers/Anxiolytics To Sleep 

The professional justifies that both habits trigger a hazardous effect on teeth and gums. This is because the digestion of complex foods, such as proteins and alcoholic beverages, for example, causes an excessive increase in gastric juice, which can cause minor reflux, attacking the teeth and gums during sleep. Using tranquillizers in excess or high doses significantly reduces salivation, drying the inside of the mouth and causing nocturnal bruxism (grinding the teeth). 

“Toothpaste and mouthwashes that protect teeth against acid aggression and artificial saliva can be important resources to combat this dryness. They help in cases where some imbalance in the body or stomach, caused by stress, for example, leads to acidity from gastric juice to the oral cavity, protecting against this acid aggression”, points out the specialist.

The health professional reinforces the importance of maintaining the habits above. 

“All these cares guarantee a beautiful and healthy mouth, with a smile that will last and shine for a long time”, concludes Dr.

Crowding, also known as crowding teeth, happens when there is insufficient space in the dental arch and the teeth get crooked or poorly positioned. 

Treating malocclusions in teeth is essential not only to prevent pain and other problems in oral health but also to help us have more confidence. Another positive impact reported by 87% of users is improved oral hygiene. The doctor justifies this because patients need to brush their teeth, floss more often, and always use the aligner with a clean mouth.


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