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Bedtime Yoga: 7 Exercises To Help You Fall Asleep

Often one has the problem that one cannot fall asleep well. This can be due to stress and a lack of physical and mental relaxation. With bedtime yoga, you can relax. We show the most effective yoga exercises for the evening routine.

The stress of everyday life often leaves you unable to relax. Too long to-do lists that don’t get any shorter, the constant noise from too much media, and too little exercise often mean that you can’t relax in the evening. You do the hundredth lap on the thought carousel, and your head wants to switch off but can’t.

Sometimes you have to consciously “force” yourself to relax, and bedtime yoga is particularly suitable for this. It should help to forget the stressful everyday life and relax the muscles to have excellent and restful sleep finds. We show the best yoga exercises you should do before bed.

Relaxation By Lying On Your Back

Start on your back, meaning roll onto your back and stretch out your legs. So that you don’t lie in a hollow back, you should lengthen your back again. Next, lower your arms and push your shoulders away from your ears. You should pull your chin in slightly so that your neck becomes very long. Also, your palms should be facing up. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly through your nose and out through your mouth. Let go of everything you no longer need. Release all thoughts, release all tension in your muscles. Just focus on yourself for the next few minutes. Let your feet fall outwards in a relaxed manner, and then notice how the abdominal wall rises and falls.

Shoulder And Back Stretch

Now put your feet up one by one. Extend your arms in the extension of your shoulders and with the next exhalation, let your knees drop to the left. Your gaze goes to the opposite side. Feel free to keep your eyes closed during this exercise so you can better focus on the relaxing shoulder and lower back stretch. Pay attention to your breathing and let yourself sink deeper and deeper into the stretch with each exhalation. Repeat this exercise on the other side so that you bend your knees to the right. Throughout the movement, your exhalation should be deliberately longer than your inhalation.

Back Massage

Pull both knees towards you, raise your head and hold on to your knees. Now start rolling a little forward and backward. Use it to give your back a little massage, then push yourself up into the seat.

Straddle Seat

Sit in the straddle seat. If you cannot sit up straight, place a folded blanket on the mat.

Sit on the edge of the blanket so that your sit bones are still straight on the mantle. Straighten your back and spread your legs as wide as possible. Your toes should point upwards. Now place your left arm on the inside of your left leg. The right arm, however, is raised. This should now be pulled to the side over the ear. Let yourself sink deeper into your side with each exhalation. Make sure both buttocks stay on the blanket. From here, you slowly lower your arm to the side towards the floor. Walk to the middle of the mat and roll-up. This is repeated on the other side.

Upper Body Relaxation

You are back in the straddle seat. Raise both arms and push your sit bones back a little. Keep your back straight for as long as possible and bring your hands to the floor. Suppose you’re having trouble getting your hands that far forward. Just test where it feels good for you and stays there. This exercise is about relaxing your upper body and relaxing your shoulders. After a while, you should place your forearms or hands on the floor so that you can stay in this position for a few deep breaths. After a time, you slowly come to the top.

Stretch Your Back

You sit up straight, Reach behind your knees and close your legs. Extend your left leg and bend your right leg. Extend both arms back up and lean forward with a straight back. Your hands go to your knees, so you can now lower your upper body. It would be best to try to make your back as long as possible. You don’t have to touch your knee with your nose. It is much more important than the back remaining stretched as long as possible. Shoulders and neck should relax again. Breathing into this position also helps with this exercise. With each exhale, you sink deeper. After a few deep breaths, you have slowly come back up, inhaling. Repeat this exercise on the other side.

Happy Baby

Finally, come back to the prone position. To do this, hold on to the back of your knees and roll down vertebrae by vertebra. Now pull your knees towards you and give yourself a little hug. You can swing a bit to the right and the left. After a while, you can put your upper body down and stretch your legs up. Open your knees and bring your arms to the inside of your knees. Now you can grab your shins or the soles of your feet with your hands, pushing your feet up. At the same time, your arms pull your legs down. This position is called “Happy Baby,” It creates a beautiful stretch in your hips. Make sure your lower back stays on the floor.

With the exhalation, you release the position and stretch out your legs. Place your arms palm up and lie there for a few more deep breaths. Relax and, above all, notice how your body feels now.


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