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Dry Lips: How To Prevent And Treat This Problem?

First of all, you must value self-care. Whenever you notice something disharmonious, seek knowledge to solve this situation. This is the case with dry lips: a problem linked to external or internal factors.

In short, our lifestyle is responsible for the changes in our bodies. Therefore, focusing on a balanced diet, a more active life, and daily care is necessary. Otherwise, we will be vulnerable to the appearance of diseases and factors that are unfavorable to health and appearance.

So, see below the reasons that cause dry lips. Also, check out some essential tips that help prevent this inconvenience from affecting the mouth’s skin.

What Can Affect The Appearance Of Lips?

Several habits affect the lips and harm the skin and other parts of the body. Some examples are prolonged exposure to the sun or cold, dehydration, and breathing a lot through the mouth. Nutritional deficiencies caused by restrictive diets or lack of vitamins are also on the list. So invest in proper nutrition.

Wet Lips With Saliva

In the case of dry lips, moving the tongue across the lips is also not a good action, as saliva contains digestive enzymes that harm the mouth. As this is a susceptible area, performing this habit constantly causes cracking.

Winter Action

The arrival of cold days demands greater attention from people. After all, winter has very striking characteristics, such as low air humidity and the presence of a dry and cold climate. In this case, preventing yourself from getting dry lips is essential.

So when you leave the house, don’t forget to use lip balm. It protects the skin of the mouth and prevents dryness. Also, wear clothing that preserves your body temperature. So, you stop yourself at this time of year.

Use Of Flavorings And Certain Cosmetic Products

In addition to daily habits that cause cracking, another factor contributing to dry lips is the presence of some flavorings in the food we eat. Typically, they cause inflammation or allergies in the region. However, this manifestation can also happen with substances in cosmetic compositions.

If you are in this situation, it is recommended not to self-medicate or get a prescription from someone who has gone through the same problem. After all, solutions must be suggested individually. So, the most recommended thing is to look for a doctor you trust and invest in a treatment that improves your quality of life.

Allied to this, review what you consume to maintain a proper eating plan. After all, preservatives and other elements are present in food that can harm health.

In addition, for body care, prefer the use of dermo-cosmetics handled in quality pharmacies. Thus, you have formulas made especially for your needs and compounds free of substances with allergic potential.

The Habit Of Biting Lips

In short, if you have dry lips and bite them frequently, it will likely delay the healing process. Sometimes it can be a frequent habit of the individual that he has never noticed. However, it’s a good time to do some self-analysis and review behaviors that affect your well-being.

What Is The Relationship Between Food And Dry Lips?

Dry lips are generally associated with vitamin B deficiency or excess vitamin A. Therefore, it is ideal for reviewing your eating habits. In this context, spicy and citrus foods, for example, help make the region even more vulnerable to the appearance of the problem.

Therefore, the tip is to prefer foods that increase satiety and consume more fiber in your daily life. This prevents premature aging and keeps your skin looking good. The essential thing is not to exaggerate or deviate from your main objective.

It is also important to remember the daily water consumption to hydrate the skin and lips. This is one of the main factors preventing dryness caused by cold or dry weather and sun exposure. Not to mention that it aids in digestion and regulates body temperature. Thus, the ideal is to consume an average of 2 liters daily.

How Do Cosmetic Or Homemade Solutions Help Prevent Dry Lips?

Indeed, it is possible to avoid the presence of dry lips through a balanced diet. However, another factor that also contributes to your health is physical exercise or sports. In this way, it is possible to reverse unfavorable aspects of our bodies and prevent us from certain diseases.

In any case, it is interesting to know some options that fight dry lips. So stay on top of the tips below and see the importance of hydration with the correct products.


We already talked about winter care, remember? From the same point of view, they must stay in the summer. After all, sun exposure promotes dry lips. Therefore, keep the lip region always nourished with lip balm or moisturizers, such as cocoa butter. This tip applies before applying lipstick, especially long-lasting ones with a matte effect.

Products That Can Be Used

Several solutions help with hydration. Shea butter, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, and other products available in pharmacies are some alternatives. It is as important as moisturizing, cleaning with makeup remover, and exfoliating the region.

Want a homemade solution? Everything is fine. In circular motions, you can mix sugar with honey or olive oil and gently rub it into your mouth with your fingers. Rinse afterward. In this way, it is possible to nourish and regenerate the skin of the lips.


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