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Foods And Habits That Help With Skin Health

We already know that some foods and healthy lifestyle habits, such as physical activity and drinking lots of water, help to improve skin health. But, in addition, some daily care is also essential, such as the use of certain products.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so it deserves a lot of attention. When skin health does not go well, our body is vulnerable, and other conditions tend to appear due to this neglect.

With that in mind, we brought you some important information and tips to keep your skin always healthy and look good. Check out!

What Foods Are Good For Skin Health And Beauty?

Foods that are beneficial for the health and beauty of the skin are natural and non-industrialized, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, and oilseeds, as they are low in fat, sodium, and sugar and are anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidants. In addition to keeping the skin silky and hydrated, these foods help the body function properly, fight free radicals (molecules responsible for premature aging), protect from the action of external agents (sun rays and pollution), and prevent a series of diseases that affect the skin, such as acne and allergies.

However, certain foods are beneficial for some skin types, while for others, not so much. Therefore, a consultation with a dermatologist and nutritionist is essential to create a personalized menu for your daily needs and skin type.

In addition to a balanced and healthy diet, drinking water frequently, using sunscreen, and adopting a skincare routine with specific products for your skin type are essential for maintaining skin free of blemishes, acne, and oil.

Foods And Habits Harmful To Skin Health

Processed foods, sausages, fatty and high in sodium, sugar, and preservatives are the number one enemies of skin health. By increasing sebum production, they directly contribute to clogged pores and, consequently, to the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Not to mention that they also leave the body vulnerable to the emergence of a series of complications and diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and diabetes, among others.

Habits such as a sedentary lifestyle (absence of daily physical activity), alcohol consumption, and smoking tend to accelerate premature aging and leave the skin dull and dull. Not using sunscreen and cleaning and moisturizing products also stimulate free radicals and make the skin an open door for harmful microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.

Daily Skincare

In addition to food, some daily habits and care can help search for healthier skin. Check the list below!

Drink Water

Water is responsible for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Therefore, it needs to be replenished throughout the day to avoid pressure fluctuations, dehydration, and other conditions that can affect our performance daily and seriously compromise our health. 

In addition to being a kind of deep moisturizer, as it reaches where creams cannot penetrate, water stimulates blood circulation and eliminates impurities in the body. It plays a vital role in fighting free radicals, molecules responsible for sagging, and the appearance of expression lines.

Use Sunscreen Regularly

In addition to protecting the skin from the action of sunlight, an external agent responsible for burns, dehydration, and diseases such as skin cancer, sunscreen also plays a vital role in combating premature aging. The product has ingredients that, in addition to protecting the skin, prevent the action of the sun and, consequently, free radicals. 

Before choosing yours, paying attention to the protection factor is essential because if it is too low, you will need to apply it several times throughout the day. Opt for SPF above 50 and formulas specific to your skin type. For example, oily, combination, and acne-prone skin should opt for gel-cream sunscreens with a dry touch and oil-free formula to not increase shine and stimulate sebum production. Already dry and normal skins should invest in a denser product enriched with moisturizing activities.


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