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Every Pimple On Your Face Wants To Tell You Something

The area where Acne appears is somewhat random. Each point of the face has a precise meaning. For example, the classic isolated pimple could be caused by sweets, while imperfections on the T-zone could be caused by cosmetic products unsuitable for the skin.

If a pimple should appear, of those classified as vulgar Acne or inflammation and obstruction of the sebaceous glands, of those that come and go, know that the where is not accidental. 

According to medicine, the face can be mapped precisely based on Acne. Each area reflects a specific internal organ, and any disturbance or imbalance could cause a rash. This is not a universal rule because skin type, lifestyle, and diet are all factors to consider. In this regard, we asked for the opinion of the expert.

The Forehead 

The forehead is connected to the digestive system so an unbalanced diet could cause a pimple. The expert says: Food acne is connected to the abuse of dairy products, which increase the skin’s sensitivity to hormones and mainly to the excessive consumption of sweets containing palm oil. In that case, the classic isolated pimple could appear. The fringe, if washed frequently, does not affect the appearance of pimples on the forehead: More than the fringe, any headphones or hair that retain sweat could instead cause the proliferation of bacteria that create the obstruction of the pores and the appearance of pimples.

The Temples

According to ancient Chinese medicine mapping, the temples correspond to the kidneys and bladder. What the expert says: Acne that appears near the hairline and on the contour of the face can be caused by an alteration of body temperature at night. This happens when you sleep with a duvet, for example, and sweat without realizing it.


Acne on the cheeks is related to the respiratory system. So it could be the alarm bell to use, for example, an air purifier in the house or put in some plants. What the expert says: Acne is always the symptom of an internal imbalance, which is mediated by hormones. In times of particular stress, there is an alteration in cortisol levels, which can cause a fairly generalized form of acne.


Chin acne points to the biggest instigator of blemishes we know all too well: hormonal imbalance. It happens when the level of androgen hormones is higher than estrogen. This excess stimulates more oil production in the skin, leading to the clogging of pores. The expert says:  The typical Acne of adult women is due to the intake of pills with an androgenic function or hormonal imbalances. It notoriously affects the chin, the area around the mouth and part of the nose.

The Nose

There are more oil glands on the nose than on the rest of the face, making this area more prone to breakouts. In Chinese face mapping, nose acne is linked to the liver and kidney. **What the expert says: The nose is part of the so-called T-zone of the face, where cosmetic Acne occurs, primarily affecting women with oily skin. The oils and lipid substances of the creams dissolve in the pores, creating inflammation that generates pimples. 

The excessive layering of products can cause cosmetic Acne. Not so much the water-based serums but the creams and foundations in which the powder formulas are mixed with a creamy or oily base. I recommend, at least once a day, a complete skin cleansing, thus exploiting the mechanical action of the water. Cleansing milk alone is insufficient and could favor the micritization of the product particles inside the follicle.

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