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How To Moisturize Your Skin With Unearthed Products

No more unnecessary spending on expensive and ineffective cosmetics. Find out how to take care of your facial skin with food products.

It is easy to find something to moisturize your skin in department stores. But it is sometimes difficult to navigate: what do I need? Are the products effective? Natural? For what type of skin? No need to search for hours; your beauty routine is proper before your eyes! Ali Baba’s natural cave is your fridge!

Why Moisturize Your Face Naturally?

Hydrating your skin means trapping the water contained in the epidermis while preserving the natural barrier. For this, applying and penetrating a fatty substance on his face is necessary. You can also use water-based moisturizing and plumping agents to lock in moisture. Thus, your skin will appear tighter, more supple, and softer. 

Hydrate Your Skin By Drinking Water

Is there anything more natural than drinking water? Water deeply hydrates our body but also our skin! It promotes cell repair and increases its elasticity. For visible effects, drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day is advisable. Do not hesitate to enhance your drink with a small juice or slices of citrus fruits to link hydration with pleasure.

Hydrate Your Skin With Natural And Gourmet Cosmetics

The best way to moisturize your skin is to nourish it with heavy elements. Therefore, foods rich in vitamins, omega three or fatty acids, and vegetable oils are highly recommended. It is essential to follow a daily routine for more efficiency. So look no further; the perfect beauty product for your face is in the fridge!

Hydrate Your Face With Cucumber Slices

Dry and dull skin? The cucumber, composed of 95% water, is your new ally! Put two slices on your face, and your complexion will regain all its radiance!

Nourish Your Skin With Honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer often found in homemade face masks. You can combine it with chamomile for fresh and deeply nourished skin.

Moisturize Your Skin With Olive Oil

Along with its many nutritional benefits, this flagship Mediterranean oil also works wonders on the skin. Olive oil prevents water loss from the skin, significantly improving its appearance and health.

Keep A Radiant Complexion With Apricots

The apricot kernel is ideal for a healthy glow and contains an oil rich in vitamin A. It guaranteed the “return from vacation” effect.

Total Purification With Natural Yogurt

To purify your complexion and soothe redness, yogurt is highly recommended. Indeed, it contains lactic acid, which is an effective natural moisturizer. A large amount of water is also present in this dairy product. Plain, unsweetened yogurt will do just fine.

Stay Young, Thanks To The Virtues Of The Avocado

To fight effectively against wrinkles, take an avocado (in your fridge). This fruit has an immediate smoothing effect because its flesh promotes collagen formation. It is also the richness of the avocado in vitamins B, C, and E that contributes to your skin’s good behavior.

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