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Foods To Avoid For Those Who Want To Have A Child 

Foods to avoid and eliminate from their diet for those who want to have a child increase the chances of conception for men and women. The desire to have a baby is so strong in a woman, born with the instinct to be a mother that it puts would-be mothers at attention and leads them to follow a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. During the first interviews with the gynecologist, you learn the ABCs to create the perfect conception situation. 

In particular, you learn to embrace healthy daily habits, including a diet at the table. Warning: we are not talking about an extreme weight loss diet, but a healthy food plan that can positively affect fertility and provides a constant supply of all the necessary nutrients without exceeding the doses. This means that to increase the chances of conception, it would be advisable for women to avoid certain foods, especially those that favor excessive weight gain or loss.

Diet To Maintain Ideal Weight 

The foods that should be avoided to promote conception directly or indirectly inhibit women’s fertility. This is why, even before embarking on an ad hoc food path, it would be appropriate to interface with a full awareness that education at the table is needed to stay healthy and avoid degenerative diseases. According to some studies, even ten kg more is enough to affect fertility, decreasing pregnancy chances negatively. So the first approach with food for would-be mothers must be aimed at counteracting weight gain, as excess pounds alter the entire hormonal balance of the body and, in recent years, overweight and obesity are becoming the first—causes of both female and male infertility. 

What Fats To Take?

The first reason for weight gain is the overuse of seasonings. So, even before choosing the ideal food for yourself, the act of love towards yourself is to learn to season dishes moderately.

The worst enemies of fertility are saturated fats. Saturated fats negatively affect the levels of bad cholesterol, also called LDL. An increase in cholesterol can lead the human body to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, particularly the female body, which accumulates fat, the enemy of fertility. 

You should avoid consuming fatty meats, butter, lard, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable fats, fried foods, cream, and rich cheeses. If saturated fats are to be avoided, unsaturated fats, also called good ones, are preferred because they have a positive effect on the female reproductive system and counteract the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in the blood. We recommend taking the “good” fats from EVO oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, and cold-pressed linseed oil. Also, good nuts, oil seeds, and blue fish. 

Away From Simple Sugars

When we talk about sugars, sweets immediately come to mind, but in reality, they are also contained in carbohydrates, especially those that are slowly absorbed. For those trying to get pregnant, it would be advisable to avoid complex carbohydrates and perhaps prefer whole carbohydrates that are less harmful and do not cause dangerous glycemic spikes. In fact, following a diet rich in simple and refined carbohydrates can cause infertility, doubling the chances of having cycles without ovulation. All this is caused by the changes in blood sugar caused by excess carbohydrate intake. A surge in blood sugar affects the reproductive system and hormonal functions negatively. What are the foods to avoid, rich in simple sugars? Chocolates, candies, snacks, fruit juices, sugar, fizzy drinks, snacks, flours, and anything that contains complex carbohydrates.

Better To Avoid Alcohol

Not only are some foods excluded from your diet, but some drinks, including alcoholic ones. Beer, wine, and spirits are strictly forbidden during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in case of preparation for conception because the substances contained in these drinks can negatively influence fertility. If, on the one hand, alcohol is bad, on the other, it is spirits that must be permanently banned from the diet of those who want to become a mother. 

In fact, not only are they to be considered real caloric bombs, but they are also vehicles of substances that can inhibit conception and harm the baby in case of pregnancy. In conclusion, the best diet to conceive is the Mediterranean one: you eat everything, in limited quantities, with a bit of seasoning. So yes to pasta, bread, seasonal vegetables, fish, EVO oil, and complex carbohydrates.

Do Men Also Have To Observe A Diet?

Finally, let us specify that men, too, must make their apparatus promising for conception. There are, in fact, some unfavorable foods and others instead that support man’s fertility and increase sperm motility (think of foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants). Also, and above all, zinc is recommended for men who want to increase their fertility. It is, in fact, a vital mineral that prevents sperm agglutination and increases the level of testosterone. 

In addition to zinc, substances such as folic acid and vitamin A should also be taken to support spermatic activity. Wanting to minimize the speech to a list, we can say that men have to do much with dried fruit, dairy products, oysters, and eggs. Yes to oranges, grapefruits, broccoli, and tomatoes for vitamin C and A. Not most little beans (high source of folic acid and zinc), sweet potatoes, green vegetables, carrots, and tomatoes contain vitamin C, folic acid, beta-carotene, and lycopene.


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