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Four Elderly Skin Care To Include In Your Routine

Over the years, many changes have occurred in our bodies, so it is essential to focus on practices that help to value our health. In this context, it is necessary to focus on specific skin care for the elderly, which is naturally more sensitive.

Reaching old age with health is an outstanding achievement. Achieving longevity is a goal present in the routine of many people. For this, it is essential to emphasize an exercise routine, maintain good eating habits, and care for our minds and body.

So, stay with us and see the topics below the primary skin care for the elderly. Good reading!

Avoid Hot And Excessive Baths

Beforehand, it is necessary to remember that the skin of the elderly is more sensitive compared to other age groups. This is because each stage of life requires special care, and the elderly demand greater attention, due to the natural loss of elasticity, hydration, and skin protection.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid hot baths because high temperatures can dry out or burn the skin. Or they are bathing in excess, as this habit prevents the natural balance of the body’s protective layer.

Maintain Hydration In Elderly Skin Care

Unprotected skin can cause a lot of damage, especially to older adults. In addition to using sunscreen, it is essential to maintain daily hydration. The good news is that many products preserve elasticity and prevent dryness. A tip is to use a moisturizing cream after bathing to replace water and fat, preventing dry skin.

However, some foods also help in this purpose, such as dark green vegetables, avocado, salmon, and watermelon. Another tip is to avoid exfoliating and scrubbing your body with a sponge. As we said earlier, the skin is more sensitive in such a period, so it is essential to take proper care of the skin of the elderly.

Avoid Long Periods Of Sun Exposure

In short, our body needs to be exposed to the sun to strengthen the production of vitamin D . Although this substance is present in many foods, a certain amount is needed daily to maintain good health.

However, anything in excess causes damage. Therefore, wear appropriate clothing and sunglasses whenever you need to expose yourself, and apply and reapply sunscreen every two hours. By the way, prefer those protectors with an FPS greater than 30.

Take Care Of Food And Hydrate Constantly

Focusing on a diet is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the body. Previously, you saw that there are foods that reinforce the skin care of the elderly. Then, your nutritionist will focus on them to achieve a satisfactory result.

In addition to preserving healthy meals, don’t forget to ingest between 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Finally, fight lip dryness by purchasing specific products, as this is another problem with aging skin.

In this content, you learned several skin care tips for the elderly. This way, value these habits during your routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle and permanently preserve customs that guarantee your well-being.

Beforehand, paying attention to the correct intake of liquids is necessary to restore water in the body and maintain its proper functioning. Then, resort to products or manipulated solutions that prevent skin drying and other harm, such as itching, scaling, redness, and stains.

It is generally recommended to seek the help of a professional dermatologist to use a substance suitable for your skin type. In addition, commit to drinking between 2 to 3 liters of water a day and following a facial schedule to combat the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

In addition to sun exposure to get a tan, some people tend to bet on fad diets to achieve a toned body. Currently, many people impose restrictions on eating, and this attitude is not healthy.

Above all, having a defined body depends on the constant efforts that the individual makes. In other words, it is necessary to follow the diet that a nutritionist has recommended correctly, exercise regularly, and never opt for solutions that propose short-term results.


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