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Garlic Water Weight Loss? What Is It For, What Benefits, And How To Do It

We are used to using garlic in seasonings and sauces for recipes with salads, beans, rice, meats, soups, and pasta. In addition, it is also possible to use the ingredient to prepare a tea.

However, let’s talk about another recipe that takes food: will garlic water lose weight? What benefits have been associated with drinking?

Does Garlic Water Make You Lose Weight?

In a published article, the Bachelor of Medical Physiology and Master of Applied Sports Nutrition, Frank Yemi, stated that garlic is an ingredient that can contribute to weight loss; however, he warned that we should not expect the food to work miracles.

“Creating a calorie deficit with a balanced diet and regular exercise is vital for effective weight loss. You should consult a doctor before using large doses (of garlic) for weight loss,” Yemi explained.

Research On Garlic And Weight Loss

The master of applied sports nutrition mentioned a study published in The Journal of Nutrition in which rats were fed a high-fat diet for eight weeks to make them obese.

After that, some of the mice were given garlic supplements over seven weeks, Yemi added. According to the bachelor of medical physiology, the animals given garlic experienced a decrease in body weight and fat.

However, the master in applied sports nutrition warned that, although these results seem encouraging, the research in question was small, and the effects presented may not occur in human beings.

For three months, the women took the garlic extract or a placebo. Those who received the aged garlic extract experienced significant losses in fat and body weight, compared to the participants who ingested the placebo,” reported the Bachelor of Medical Physiology.

However, note that these studies were conducted with garlic supplements and extracts – not garlic water itself. As we do not know if the same effects can be present in the drink, we are not sure, based on these researches, that garlic water is slimming.

The Minor Role Of Water Consumption

Water is a drink with negative calories; that is, it has zero calories, and at the same time, it requires the use of calories by the body for it to be processed.

However, this calorie burn isn’t exactly significant. As celebrity personal trainer Bill Phillips has clarified, it burns approximately eight calories to process each eight-ounce glass of warm water. A little more if you’re talking cold water or ice water, with garlic or not.

For Those Who Want To Lose Weight

More important than knowing if garlic water helps you lose weight is finding, with the help of a good nutritionist, a diet that helps you lose weight while being healthy, controlled, nutritious, and balanced, allowing you to lose weight. ; however, without failing to provide your body with the nutrients and energy it needs to function correctly.

Consultation with a nutritionist is also essential to determine if and how garlic water can be used for weight loss.

To lose weight, it is also worthwhile to practice physical exercises frequently; however, for the training to be safe, healthy, and efficient, it is necessary to count on the accompaniment of an excellent physical educator.

How To Make Garlic Water


  • One clove of garlic;
  • 100 ml of water.

Preparation Mode:

Crush the garlic clove and place it in a container with 100 ml of water; let the mixture rest overnight, and consume the garlic water on an empty stomach.

Food can also cause low blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems, Yemi added. “If you decide to use garlic as a supplement, check with your doctor first, as it can interact with medications or exacerbate pre existing medical conditions,” emphasized the bachelor of medical physiology.


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