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Hair Dryness: 6 Leading Causes And How To Solve Them

The beauty market offers more and more options for coloring or straightening hair. Without a doubt, women love it! However, when we use chemicals, abuse famous thermal equipment or practice some harmful habits daily, our strands risk becoming dry, brittle and lacking their natural shine.

You can follow specific steps to escape this unwanted effect, from washing your hair at the right temperature to choosing products to nourish and moisturize. The truth is that, yes, it is possible to use the news on the market and, why not, be bold when it comes to hair, but you have to be careful. Let’s find out how?

In this post, you will find all the tips to avoid the dreaded hair dryness and create a soft, silky and shiny look. Good reading!

Leading Causes Of Hair Dryness

Here are the habits that most help to make your hair dry. Just look!

Take A Hot Shower Frequently

Did you know that leaving the shower water too hot can cause several problems for our bodies? This includes the skin, the digestive system and, of course, the hair. High-temperature water dries the scalp and hair, removing the natural oil from the bulb and drying the hair throughout its length.

So how about regulating the temperature of your bath? The recommended thing is to wash the locks with cold or, at most, lukewarm water. This practice also helps open the hair cuticle, leaving the entire structure more vulnerable to the sun and pollution. The result will be an even more oily root, with dandruff and dry ends.

The solution? Take a warm bath, but keep your head out of the way. When using shampoo or conditioner and rinsing, lower the temperature. If your wires are already dry, the indication is to do hydration or bet on repair and keratin-based products.


Abuse Of Chemicals

Excess chemicals can reach the hair fiber and cause a very dry effect, whether coloring, bleaching, or straightening. If you follow these practices often, maintain a particular care routine so that the wires do not lose their nutrients and look elastic, brittle and split.

End this problem by investing in good hair nutrition. This is one of the stages of the famous capillary schedule, a procedure responsible for restoring lipids and retaining hydration within the wires.

Perform this practice once a week or as your hair needs, using shampoos, masks and conditioners with nourishing oils. It’s an excellent way for you to eliminate frizz, control volume and escape split ends.

Not Washing Your Hair Often Enough

When it comes to how often you wash your hair, each person has their preference and routine. But the point is that this care needs to go beyond our taste. We know how essential cleaning is for the health of wires and scalp.

Have you ever stopped to think if the frequency and way you wash your hair are most appropriate? Some pass every day, some prefer to alternate, and others prefer to give even longer intervals between washes.

The fact is that each hair has unique characteristics. Therefore, you need to know your hair well to identify how much cleaning your scalp needs. After all, it’s super important to keep your hair clean, but washing too much can result in hair loss, dandruff and even the dreaded dryness.

Use Thermal Tools Daily

Appliances such as hair dryers and flat irons are significant causes of hair drying. The first step is not to give up the thermal protectors, which are great for covering the fiber of the wires and providing shine and softness.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid placing the heat on a strand for more than five seconds as much as possible. As your locks dry, try to lower the temperature of the dryer.

At this point, the finishers are also a great choice. There are chemoprotective defrizzed for all types of hair — this product is specially developed to comb and preserve the locks. You can use it before or after brushing, always paying attention not to apply it close to the root. If you have curls, they will be even more shaped. Test and rock!

Not Using The Right Products

One of the big mistakes of those who suffer from the problem of hair dryness is not having the right products for each situation. The ideal is always to read the labels of shampoos, creams and conditioners to know if they are suitable for your hair.

Hair that undergoes chemical treatments, such as dyeing or progressive brushing, has a more alkaline structure. Therefore, the tip is to look for options that have neutral formulas or can balance the pH, such as glycolic acid.

Is your hair dehydrated from root to tip? Don’t forget to apply the conditioner daily. Preferably, choose products that contain proteins or peptides, ideal for intensifying the reconstruction of the structure. Repeat this procedure every time and keep the desired effect!

Use Shampoo And Conditioner From Different Lines

Using products from different lines is a widespread mistake. Those who have a busy routine may not even worry about it, and, in some cases, the habit does not generate any harmful effects. However, most of the time, the result is negative.

If your wires are dry and this practice is part of your routine, it’s important to stop there. This is because the products of the same line are complementary. They weren’t created to look cute when placed in your bathroom closet, see?

The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse impurities and remove excess oil. The conditioner, in turn, serves to retain moisture. Therefore, using items from different lines can neutralize their nutrients, causing none of the products to perform their function.


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