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Healthy And Fat-Free Frying: Here’s The Secret

Powdered glucose has binding and stabilizing properties, which is why it is used in pastry, ice cream, and culinary art in general, another use in the kitchen is as an anti-crystallizer. What’s better than a nice plate of French fries or fried fish?

Fried foods, especially with good and fresh oil, can be truly irresistible, especially if prepared by skilled hands. But unfortunately, a healthy diet does not go along with the frequent use of this cooking, which should be an exception to the rule, especially if you have health problems. Giving up fried foods is unnecessary; several solutions allow you to enjoy crunchy foods without using oil, such as the air fryer. But there is also an ingredient that replaces the oil for a light and healthy fried, but just as good.

How To Fry Without Oil

For healthy but crunchy frying, without the use of oil, it is possible to replace glucose powder: it is a natural sugar extracted from grapes that melts between 160 ° C and 190 ° C without becoming caramel. Cooking with this alternative method is a kind of “fried not fried,” often used in molecular cuisine but not complicated to try even at home.

Thanks to the high heat conduction, powdered glucose reduces frying times while still giving crunchiness to foods, avoiding the “sponge” effect that makes fried foods soft and not very digestible. Powdered glucose has binding and stabilizing properties, which is why it is used in pastry, ice cream, and in culinary art in general. Another use in the kitchen is as an anti-crystallizer to decrease the freezing point in products stored at temperatures below zero.

How To Fry With Powdered 

The powdered glucose will be heated in a saucepan, stirring gently and continuously until dissolved. Once the temperature of 160 ° is reached, this ingredient will be liquid and transparent: at this point, the food to be fried can be immersed, continuing to stir until golden. Once ready, the foods can be removed with a spider or a skimmer and left to dry on absorbent paper, similar to the traditional frying in oil.

Tips And Advice

  1. When frying with powdered glucose, it is essential to be careful not to caramelize: if the temperature exceeds 190 °, the powdered glucose caramelizes and begins to smoke. It is necessary to use a cooking thermometer to check that the frying temperature always remains between 160 ° and 190 ° C. 
  2. This ingredient is perfect for frying sweet and savory foods: to eliminate the sweetish aftertaste, insert two leek leaves in the frying pan or wrap the food fried in lettuce or leek leaves. Or cabbage. 
  3. For frying food, it is impossible to use glucose syrup or other sugars: only the glucose powder deprived of water allows you to have a wide temperature range without running the risk of spoiling the food. 
  4. Foods fried in powdered glucose will be more swollen than those fried in oil or butter: the food increases in volume thanks to the evaporation of the internal water. 

Powdered Glucose: Where To Buy

Powdered glucose is not very easy to find: it is possible to order it in some pharmacies, buy it in specialized sweets and pastry shops, or online, and receive it comfortably at home in a few days. 

Sapore Puro Powdered Glucose Syrup

Ideal for frying but also for making cakes, icings, fruit jellies, ice creams, semifreddo, sorbets, and sugar paste, and for making and decorating cakes and cupcakes with unusual, creative, and imaginative shapes, Sapore Pure glucose syrup powder is a dehydrated 21 DE (Dextrose equivalent) and completely natural product, derived from the hydrolysis of starch. In addition, it is available in a 1.5 kg package and is very useful for obtaining liquid glucose syrup.


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