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How Do I Firm Facial Skin?

The skin of the face and neck is often the first to lose firmness and show the progress of time after the age of 25. In addition to aging, external factors such as unaware exposure to UV rays, an unbalanced lifestyle, sudden weight loss, cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, smog, or treatment of the facial skin with substances that are not compatible with its natural fragility

Statistics reveal that more and more people are choosing to undergo small or large dermo-cosmetic or cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Still, there are many ways to try to improve the appearance of the face without resorting to the scalpel. If you notice that your facial tissues are too untoned, know that it is possible to combat sagging with a combination of beauty habits, massages, targeted gymnastics, and lifestyle changes.

How Do You Firm Facial Skin Naturally?

The best strategy to adopt is to keep the skin on your face elastic and soft for as long as possible so as not to have to intervene later with shock treatments or important firming therapies. How to do it?

Facial Gymnastics

To always have healthy facial skin, one of the most effective skincare habits you can adopt is to practice facial gymnastics regularly. In fact, even the muscles and skin of the face can be kept in constant training in order to stimulate the spontaneous production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and thus slow down the structural failure of this precious organ.

Learning the main facial gymnastics methods is simple, and just a few minutes a day of training will be enough to show off a visibly more toned and fresh appearance.

Dedicated Toning Massages Every Day

In addition to practicing healthy facial gymnastics, you can help your skin maintain its turgid and firm appearance by also practicing the best self-massage techniques. The facial massage can be done either with bare hands or by exploiting the efficiency of numerous beauty tools designed for the purpose. Even in this case, a few minutes a day can turn the situation upside down and make the skin immediately brighter, smoother, and more compact.

Among the most famous remedies for firming the skin of the face and neck today is undoubtedly the gua sha massage, which has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine and which manages to slow down the aging of the face successfully. It is practiced with the help of unique jade or rose quartz rollers, perfect for pampering the beginning with slow and effective movements that manage to tone the facial muscles, promote the drainage and circulation of liquids in every area of the face, and significantly improve the elasticity of the skin. 

To make this daily beauty treatment perfect, it is necessary to proceed with slow and constant gestures on the face, insisting on the areas most susceptible to signs of age, such as the eye contour, forehead, lip contour, cheekbones, and neck. To make these messages even more effective, you can combine them with the application of cosmetic products with a firming and anti-aging effect, which contain the best substances to promote the revitalization and toning of the skin.

Your Skincare: How To Firm Your Skin

When the epidermis and the muscles that support the face and décolleté begin to lose their firmness, it is essential to intervene with a targeted beauty routine that combats the loss of tone from the moment of cleansing to the application of unique firming treatments. Facial cleansing is an essential anti-aging gesture that should be done every day, in the morning and the evening, with a delicate cleanser respectful of the skin’s balance and needs.

Before moving on to hydration, use a toner to refresh your skin and prepare it to receive subsequent treatments. You can try our distilled rose water. Then, choose a cream with active ingredients with anti-wrinkle and firming properties, such as our Lifting Effect Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream, enriched with precious Argan oil. The combo of these two products will help you find more toned, plumped, and smooth skin. 

To maximize the recompacting potential of your beauty products, you can also resort to the intensive action of anti-aging and toning masks, which manage to deeply nourish the skin and support its conservation mechanisms, such as our Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Filler Ageless Mask. If you want to maintain firm skin for a long time, remember to apply a generous layer of sun cream every time you expose yourself to the sun. You will keep your skin safe from the potentially harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, allowing it to achieve amber gradually and with the right degree of protection.

Lifestyle For Firm Skin

The saying “we are what we eat” is more accurate than ever when it comes to skin health. In fact, what you ingest strongly influences the appearance of your epidermis and its firmness. For example, junk food and alcohol tend to accelerate the processes of skin aging and tissue laxity, while the intake of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, and a good supply of water facilitate skin regeneration and the production of all those substances that determine its compactness.

A good tactic to see your skin increasingly healthy, radiant, and fit is also to sleep a sufficient number of hours every night and always keep your mind free from thoughts and worries, which can also visibly worsen the well-being of the body, starting right from the skin. Also, try to regularly practice the most beneficial disciplines that promote psychophysical balance and relaxation, such as mindfulness, yoga, and any other holistic discipline that supports the achievement of a good balance. Your skin will be the first to benefit from it and appear plumper, toned, and luminous!

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