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Which Dry Skin Makeup Is Suitable For A Sensitive Face Like Yours?

Is your skin as dry as a desert? Then you will certainly have to deal with the typical daily problems of this skin type, ranging from a pale complexion to dryness, wrinkles, and redness. Particularly annoying, dry skin is difficult to make up because the rough base means foundation, powder, or blush tends to settle a little and accentuate imperfections. Dry skin makeup involves small tricks that are easy to integrate into daily skincare. 

How To Choose Makeup For Dry Skin

But don’t despair because we have good news for all girls with dry skin: If you make the right preparations, you can apply your makeup evenly and conjure more radiance on your face. Here are the rules to follow.

The Scrub For Dry Skin Does It Yourself

Dry skin needs a peeling treatment that gently cleanses the face of dead cells. The complexion not only looks super fresh when finished, but the skin is also beautifully smooth again. Choosing a peel based on glycolic acid or lactic acid is best. Extra tip: gently rub your face with a soft towel or flannel to remove the last flakes at the end of the cleansing ritual. 

Booster Serum

You probably already have a great day cream at home – all you need now is a serum to give your skin an extra dose of hydration. This moisturizing skin care’s the foundation for dry skin because it’s the only way to keep it radiant and less prone to wrinkles and rough spots where makeup can later settle. Our tip: hyaluronic acid! The active ingredient binds water, plumps the skin from within, and helps retain moisture in the skin layers.

Makeup Base For Dry Skin – Never Forget The Primer

Primers work like a filter for the face: they optimize the complexion and coat it like a second skin, hiding imperfections or large pores. The velvety smooth finish helps you apply makeup evenly.

Foundation To Use 

Powder textures are taboo for dry skin. The reason is that they make skin appear even drier, absorb moisture, and feel grainy. For foundation, highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow, go for liquid or creamy textures. They cling beautifully to the skin and make the complexion glow. Extra tip: Makeup applied with a beauty blender looks even less uniform than with your fingers.

How To Make Up Chapped Skin 

Hands down! The idea is to apply makeup with a soft foundation brush and then use a slightly moistened sponge, pressing it gently on the skin to make the makeup look even more natural.

Daily Skincare For Dry Skin 

Split your morning beauty time into two parts – it only takes a few more minutes. The first part is skin care. Here the serum or cream must be well absorbed into the skin. The skincare can be worked into the skin to speed up this process with patting movements. In terms of sequence, the heavier the formulation, the further back – and further up – it belongs in the skincare routine. First comes the cleanser, then the toner, then optionally a serum, then a face cream or oil, and finally the sunscreen.

How To Wash Your Face With Dry Skin 

After washing, gently pat your face dry with a towel (no longer too soft), which you use as an exfoliating effect, so to speak, to remove dead skin cells. You can save yourself further peeling (and especially the microplastics often contained in it).

Moisturizing Treatments

Dry skin is a nightmare, just like oily skin. The problem enters an acute phase when it is cold or windy outside. So, every time you go out, you need to apply moisturizer so as not to cause more damage to the cells of the face.  There are also some anti-aging treatments at home since this problem occurs very often when we reach the age of 50. 

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