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How To Detoxify Yourself?

Detoxification is not just a fashion but a practice that allows you to maintain the functionality of the whole organism, preventing the accumulation of toxins from promoting inflammation and proliferation of free radicals from oxidizing activity. It is good to act on the liver and lymphatic system to promote detoxification: here is how.

Toxins: Because They Are A Danger To Your Health

The presence of “toxins” (toxemia), caused by multiple factors (such as excess cortisol from stress, poor diet, poor physical activity, drug abuse, alcohol and smoking, etc.) leads to obstruction of the ducts that secrete bile, an essential substance for transport and expulsion of the excess of numerous mycotoxins that would remain in the blood circulation, inflaming the intestinal mucous membranes and establishing the ” Leaky Gut Syndrome “, or the increase in intestinal permeability. 

Read the article you find here to learn more about the risks and natural remedies for leaky gut. The accumulation of mycotoxins and the reduction of the secretion of the bile flow prepare an acid soil favorable to the proliferation and eroticization of candida, with consequent dysbiosis and an increase in the production of free radicals. This causes a depletion of the reserves of the antioxidant glutathione, supporting an inflammatory state which is evidenced by increased levels of histamine, TNF-α, IL-1, IL-6 and IL-8.

Similarly to the intestinal tract, the blood-brain barrier also becomes permeable to the neurotoxins released by candida (candida), which act on the nervous system, compromising neurotransmitters’ regulatory action in the brain. This can lead to states of depression, generalized anxiety and panic attacks.

Support The Liver To Promote Detoxification

The liver plays a central role in the metabolism and excretion of “toxins” from the body. For this reason, it is particularly exposed to the toxic effects of these substances. Once bile is produced, the liver pours it into the duodenal to emulsify fats, thus participating in their absorption and that of the fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A. In addition to digestive function, bile also serves to eliminate bilirubin and neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach before reaching the ileum. Bile salts also have a bactericidal effect on harmful microbes introduced with food

Intestinal aerobiosis is optimal to ensure physiological homeostasis and allow proper liver detoxification. The extracts of Artichoke and Dandelion have hepatoprotective and purifying effects on the liver, increasing the production and secretion of bile. The aqueous extracts of Burdock and Gentian favor the elimination of intestinal gas and support the digestive function, optimizing the detoxification process. The aqueous extracts of Mallow, Altea and Icelandic Lichen have an emollient and anti-inflammatory effect, helpful in treating inflammatory states of the mucous membranes of the digestive system and particularly for esophagitis, and gastritis and colitis. 

The aqueous extract of Gentian is used to promote digestion and the elimination of intestinal gas. In addition, the chicoric acid and the dandelions of the aqueous extract of Dandelion inhibit the alpha-glucosidase and the alpha-amylase essential for the absorption of glucose in the intestine, preventing the digestion of complex carbohydrates and causing a hypoglycemic and control effect. Of weight for reduced caloric intake.

Keep The Lymphatic System Functional

An essential role in the organism’s detoxification is also played by the lymphatic system, not a real excretion organ but a vital link between the body districts and these organs. It works by channeling the body fluids that contain toxins and metabolic waste from the periphery to the blood. They will then reach the liver for detoxification and elimination.


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