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How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food?

Building a healthy relationship with food is one of the principles of mindful eating, which is eating with full awareness.

If food has always been a problem and you want a more peaceful and harmonious relationship, try these practices I present to you.


Breathing promotes attunement with the body and what is happening now. Becoming aware and noticing how the body, mind, and emotions are doing can help transform this relationship.

Notice Your Hunger

Pay attention to hunger cues. How does the body show these signals to you?

This check helps you choose what and how to eat. Be attentive, trust and respect the signs of the body.

Enjoy The Food

Note the colors, shapes, textures, aromas, and flavors… Observe how the senses awaken attention to the moment of the meal. Every mind can awaken to the moment. Try exploring each one of them.

Eat Without Distractions

How about storing electronics at meal times?

Leave your cell phone, tablet, computer, TV, and books for a few minutes. It’s wise to put those gadgets away and be mindful of the meal.


With each mouthful, bring your attention to tasting and chewing the food. The pleasure of eating is in the mouth, so enjoy! Chewing also participates in digestion, so the body will absorb it better by crushing food.

Note satiety

Realizing the body’s sensations when being filled during the meal helps choose the moment to stop eating. 

Leave The Diets And External Standards That Society Imposes

We often get caught up in external patterns and voices and don’t allow ourselves to notice the inner wisdom. That’s a choice, and it brings a lot of freedom to trust the body’s signals.

It’s a journey to build a healthy relationship with food, which can include respecting rhythm and making small changes at a time.

Risks Of A Diet When Done Wrong

As much as this person’s intentions were the best possible, unfortunately, they will not have the expected result; on the contrary, it will run serious risks, such as those described below:

1) Lack Of Nutrients In The Body

We all should have a balanced and balanced diet. Each food pyramid group must be present in our daily lives in controlled amounts, a fact ignored by most miracle diets.

It is very likely, therefore, that an individual suffers a shortage of nutrients in the body by cutting out some food groups from the menu. By consuming too much of one food and too little of another, what happens is an imbalance in the body, which is never synonymous with health.

As a result, the individual may experience dizziness, weakness, malaise, fainting, stomach aches, hair loss, nail breakage, and muscle loss, which are lean mass, for example.

2) Disappearance Of Results

Even if a miracle diet has excellent results, this situation will not be permanent. The main reason for this is that, to see fundamental changes in health, it is necessary to go through a food education process, which lasts a lifetime, not just a few weeks.

In this sense, the rapid and temporary weight loss, generally achieved with a very restrictive diet, can cause frustration, difficulty concentrating, fast weight recovery, and the effects listed in the previous topic.

That is a restrictive diet that promises rapid weight loss is unlikely to be concerned with maintaining the individual’s health. As if that weren’t enough, she also lacks a commitment to lasting results, which can cause even more negative thoughts about herself.

3) Development Of Eating Disorders

Even though we should all be concerned about our diet, this concern cannot be excessive. There should be no guilt in the eating process, and this is what many diets impose, such as the fact that a person feels bad for wanting to disrespect the restrictions on the menu.

Eating disorders start to develop this way. Anorexia and bulimia, for example, are characterized by an obsession with weight and food. These and other diseases manifest themselves by affecting mental health similarly to physical health.

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